Begoña Gómez also tones her arms like Queen Letizia: the secret to strengthening them after 40 and preventing bat wings

This is a non-stop. Yesterday we talked about
Queen Letizia’s toned arms (and recently we did the same with
his abs) now we have to make a special mention to the arms of
Begona Gomez, wife of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez. And because? Because she has surprised us by showing off
hypertonified and muscular arms that not everyone can have at 47 years old.

Yes, envy corrodes us, and it is not easy to eliminate
fat of this part of our anatomy when
the 40’s It has already made its appearance in our lives. The female body is subject to a multitude of
physiological changes due to our hormonal activity and one of them is the accumulation of fat in different parts of our body, including the
arms that, added to the
poor exercise of the tricepsresults in the appearance of the dreaded
bat wings.

But that does not happen to Begoña Gómez and as long as we are not clear that she has installed a
climbing wall in Moncloa, as Letizia has done in Zarzuela (according to gossip), we will have to assume that it is the result of
specific exercises performed in the gym or in your own home, but adapted to this part of your anatomy.

strength exercises

Losing weight is fine, but if you want
remove localized fat and tone your arms
strength exercise it is essential. And for this, one of the practically essential elements is
the weights. Do not think that you are going to start lifting several tens of kilos the first day, nor could you do it without injuring yourself nor is it necessary, but by following a few simple guidelines, you can also use some
dumbbells No problem.

And it is that without force work, you are not going to achieve anything. to have some arms
without flaccidity and toned It is essential to work the force through our own
body weight or with the classic weights. And Begoña Gómez, 47, and Queen Letizia, 49, have taken this task very seriously, key to the
muscle loss that we suffer from, above all, the menopause.

We are absolutely convinced that they both lift a good amount of weight and do it
Many times per week. What the weights achieve is to burn fat while increasing the
muscle mass, so the flaccidity caused by the accumulation of
fat in the triceps area will gradually disappear, saying goodbye to the
bat wings.

Begoña Gómez during dinner at the Prado Museum. /


Specific exercises to tone your arms at home

1.- Standing triceps press

Standing and with your legs slightly shoulder-width apart, grab a dumbbell in each hand. Arms
stretched out above the head, lower the weights slowly and controlling the movement by bending the elbows by
behind of the head. Return to the starting position in one strong movement as you exhale. When doing the exercise, be careful not to move any part of the body other than the
elbow joint.

2.- Lateral raises

Stand tall with your legs slightly bent and hip-width apart. The back must remain
straight and in each hand we must hold a dumbbell, while the arms remain at the sides of the body or in front of the thighs, slightly
flexed. Taking a deep breath, she raises the dumbbells until her arms are
lined up with your shoulders and from there go down slowly while
you exhale.

3.- Push-ups

classic of a lifetime not only serve to work the chest, but also tone the arms but, yes, when more
glued you have them to the body, the better they will fulfill their function. Support the palms of the hands on the ground and the tips of the feet with the
straight body. The hands should be just below the shoulders. start to go down
slowly controlling the movement
flexing elbow back and out until it is about 5 centimeters off the ground and come back up.

4.- Shoulder press

Position yourself, either sitting or standing with your
Straight back and put your arms in a candlestick shape with a dumbbell in each hand. The dumbbells should be at the height of the shoulders and the palms of the hands
closed Looking forward. Raise
slowly the weight above your head, making a shape
triangular Finish with both dumbbells together overhead and return to starting position.

5.- Bicep curls

Stand tall and hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing
upwards. Make sure your forearm and the ground are parallel and come up
slowly up to your shoulders without taking your elbows off your body. Then return to the starting position
keeping control of movement at all times.

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