Belén López Peiro | “That’s it. The term. I freed myself”: the Argentine writer who denounced an abusive uncle in a novel and now managed to get him to go to jail

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Belen Lopez Peiro

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The writer Belén López Peiró denounced her uncle nine years ago and wrote two novels about her experience.

When she was a girl, Belén López Peiró spent her summer vacations with her uncles in the town of Santa Lucía, a former agricultural colony in the north of the province of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, where her mother had grown up.

While her parents, separated, worked in the city, she had fun with her cousins ​​and friends.

But behind those apparently idyllic visits was a terrifying reality: from the age of 13, her uncle -a policeman who was the husband of her mother’s sister- began to abuse her.

She suffered violations for three years, until a family member became aware of the situation.

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