Believers presents its new and creepy trailer

The Exorcist: Believers presents its new and terrifying trailer

The Exorcist: Believers presents its new and terrifying trailer

The original film The Exorcist (87%) hit theaters in 1973, and 50 years later there will be a sequel that promises to be a worthy successor, The Exorcist: Believers, which has unveiled a new trailer full of exciting scenes that The fans will definitely love it as it will remind them of the feeling they felt when they watched the first installment.

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Exorcist: Believer It will be the first part of a trilogy, and will open in theaters on October 6, 2023, after being pushed back a week to avoid competition with the Taylor Swift concert film. The film will then be streamed exclusively on Universal’s streaming service, Peacock.

the second part of the trilogy, titled Exorcist: Deceiveralready has a date of April 18, 2025. With an investment of over US$400 million, Universal and Blumhouse have high hopes for the trilogy, following the success they’ve had reviving classic franchises such as Halloween,

A look from the first trailer for The Exorcite: Believers (Universal Pictures)

A look from the first trailer for The Exorcite: Believers (Universal Pictures)

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Ellen Burstyn will reprise her original role as Chris McNeil. Joining them will be Leslie Odom Jr. as Victor Fielding, the father of a haunted child; Jennifer Nettles as the mother of another possessed child; and other artists such as Ann Dowd, Lidya Jewett and Olivia Markum in important roles. The characters of parents Merrin and Karras have not been confirmed to return, and although there are rumors about the involvement of Linda Blair, who was Regan McNeil in the original, her appearance has not yet been confirmed.

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It is directed by David Gordon Green, best known for films such as Pineapple Express (68%) and the recent trilogy Halloween, Blumhouse’s Jason Blum to produce trilogy with James and David Robinson of Morgan Creek. The script has been developed by Scott Teams, Danny McBride and Green himself, and will also feature collaboration from Peter Sattler.

The director of the original film, William Friedkin, who died on August 7, was not involved in the new project. There are still many details to be revealed, but with the team and budget behind this new project, it has everything to capture the attention of new generations and please fans of the original work.

Why is the original exorcist movie so famous?

the Exorcist It is an iconic film that marked a before and after in horror cinema and popular culture. director William Friedkin and based on the 1971 novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty, it is the harrowing story of a 12-year-old girl, Regan MacNeil, who becomes possessed by a demon and requires an exorcism by two Catholic priests .

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Since its release, it has generated both acclaim and controversy. It became a cultural phenomenon, achieving an unusual mix of box office success and critical acclaim. It was one of the most profitable films of its time, grossing over $441 million worldwide and received ten Academy Award nominations, winning two.

Its influence on pop culture is immeasurable. It introduced elements that would become tropes in the horror genre, such as the haunted girl, the exorcist motif, and unprecedented special effects that included transformative makeup and terrifying visual effects. Scenes like Regan’s spinning head or “pea soup” vomit are burned into the collective memory.

In addition, the film addressed issues of the conflict between good and evil, faith versus science, and the existence of Satan in the modern world, issues that have been the subject of debate and analysis for decades. At a time when trust in institutions was eroding due to factors such as the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal, the Exorcist It touched a cultural nerve on questions of faith and morality.

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