Belinda and Christian Nodal “their breakup is a publicity stunt”

Belinda and Christian Nodalthey are one of the most mediatic couples of the moment and that has given a lot to talk about with an alleged break. Would the Nodeli come back and cheat on everyone?

It is not the first time that the singer Belinda and Christian Nodal give something to talk about after revealing alleged conflicts in their “supposed relationship”, but everything seems to be discovered before what they themselves planned.

According to a YouTube channel in which they addressed the issue of The Nodeli and all the controversy regarding the “thunder”, comments and the most obvious, would be the repetitive themes of “We are no longer, nor will we be”, by the “regional” and later Belinda’s response with the theme “Lies cabr0n” .

The alleged hints, between the “naturalized mexican” and the “singer-songwriter” would be part of an advertising strategy as a whole and it would be the program of “Producer 69” who also supports these versions from 1:22: “Everything is planned”.

One of the popular Youtube journalists released a news through the “En Vivo” program, who showed one of the messages of the “Belinda’s ex-fiancé” on Twitter that would give many clues about the marketing strategy that both would have used.

Finally after almost two years of saving so much music, this 18 my music begins to come out. #YaNoSomosniSeremos #Outlaw, reads an excerpt from Nodal’s message announcing his recent merger with Sony music.

The details that come along with this release lit one of the first red lights, another detail is the time to compose a song and the time to approve it and so on.

A resource that, as we mentioned, would not be the first time that Belinda and his famous partner would help to promote their new musical projects, in the last months of the past 2021.

Nodal deleted all the photos next to the “Princess of popLeaving only a photograph of the character of Speedy González, which represents the artist’s symbol of his new releases, the speculation did not stop making the couple the target of the news, suggesting a dispute between the two.

Although it is true that from the beginning of their courtship they always gave something to talk about, both artists have consolidated a great career in music, and are very loved by their fans, this type of campaign would be unnecessary, as they say on social networks, but in the end if the objective had been that, the scandal has given them for that and much more.

Finally, the duo of drivers concluded that the relationship between the “television actress” and the “sonorense” has been more than anything the best deal for the careers of both.

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