Belinda and Danna Paola will star in the Mean Girls remake

Do you remember Mean Girls? If you are a fan of this 2004 film, you surely remember Regina George and Cady Heron, played by Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohanwho made an incredible movie that talks about how the most popular students are cruel, with those who are less popular, in the end they all recognize themselves and learn lessons.

Well, this film apparently will be made a Mexican version and the producer wants protagonists, neither more nor less Belinda and Danna PaolaProducer Alejandro Gou told several media outlets that he wants Mesadas Mexican-style girls to be the protagonists, the two singers, and asserted that he already has the yes of both, All you need is permission to bring it..

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I’m waiting for the rights of these guys, that I’m screwing and screwing that they leave me the rights, that according to how they were going to release the movie, but I’ll keep insisting. When they give them to me, I have Dana’s and Belinda’s yes, nothing more is to find dates for them, ”revealed Alejandro Gou about this project of making Mean Girls in the Mexican style.

How fans of the movie that is a girlie classicat Glam Star we think that perhaps the story will take place in an upper middle class school in Mexico City, in Jalisco or Guadalajara.

But the most important thing is definitely who will be Regina and who will be CadyPerhaps Danna Paola is the ideal for Regina, since she has already shown that as an antagonist she is very good, such as forgetting her performance in Elite, but Belinda would also be ideal for the role.

As for Cady, she could be played by either of them.character is sweet and learns great life lessons, in the end he brings out his good heart and vindicates the students who often receive ridicule from the less popular and teaches everyone a lesson in love.

The producer explained that he also invited Danna Paola to play a role in José, El Soñador. “I proposed to him to do José and he told me that he was happy to do it, that there are only dates to see, he would be a special guest, he told Milenio

while about Belinda, Alejandro Gou added that only with him, the singer would work in theater again: “I have only good things to talk to her of ‘Today I can’t get up’, he said that if he went back to do theater with the only one he would do theater with again is with me and well let’s see what’s there, hopefully it’s ‘Mean Girls’, because it would be wonderful”.

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