Belinda covered the tattoo that was made with the initials of her ex-boyfriend Christian Nodal: this is the new design | Famous

For her part, the actress from the telenovela ‘Camaleones’, which you can watch for free on ViX, preferred to wear more subtle designs on her skin such as a delicate heart with an arrow or a small ‘4’, a number that alludes to the day that began their courtship (August 4, 2020).

Among these small tattoos are the initials of her ex-boyfriend ‘CN’, which she placed right in the center of a heart, outlined in red ink, that the singer had already done several years ago.

According to the Belifans, the name given to Belinda’s followers, this tattoo was crowned as an important declaration of love, since the actress had previously revealed that when she found “true love” she would tattoo her initials inside her tattoo of heart.

At that time, Nodal was responsible for showing the new design on Belinda’s ankle excitedly. However, currently his initials no longer appear on the skin of the ‘Welcome to Eden’ actress.

Belinda no longer has the tattoo with Nodal’s initials

A few days ago, Belinda enjoyed a getaway to Lanzerote, an island that is part of the Canary Islands. On that site, the singer and actress enjoyed the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, delicious food and the warm weather, things that were part of the photos and videos that she shared from this trip.

In one of the captures that she uploaded to her Instagram stories, Belinda posed with a robe that revealed her legs, feet and ankles, a perfect position for her fans to quickly notice the new tattoo that now lies on Nodal’s initials.

The singer did not opt ​​for elaborate designs or anything flashy or big to get rid of the ‘CN’. She simply embraced the red ink and filled in the heart drawing, thus covering these letters.

In Belinda’s fan accounts on Instagram, Internet users highlighted in the comments that the singer has already covered the tattoo: “The tattoo is already transformed”; “She filled out her heart where she had CN. Take it”.

A few months ago, several Instagram users suspected that Beli had filled in the heart tattoo thanks to a TikTok video that retrieved a photo of the singer wearing platform heels that exposed her ankles.

However, with this new photo from her recent vacation, it is fully confirmed that Nodal’s initials no longer exist on the singer’s skin.

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