Belinda gives her blessing to some newlyweds and scolds the groom

Belinda gives her blessing to some newlyweds and talks about love, making it clear that even though her most recent relationship didn’t work out, she still believes in love and in a good relationship. It all happened during his most recent trip to Monterrey where he swept in Mash Fest.

After a flight of more than fifteen hours, Belinda once again showed her professionalism by going on stage and making thousands sing and dance, but before that, she also showed her charm blessing a couple who had just said yes at the altar.

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And it is that while Belinda preparing for his performance in the hotel where he was staying there was a wedding and the brideknowing that the singer was there, decided to wait for her. Belinda was very accessible and did not hesitate to comply with her girlfriend’s request, but he not only gave his blessing but also gave a message to the groom:

“Take care of her, treat her well, which is the most important thing, treat women well, respect her, love her very much,” emphasized Belinda.

The singer She was excited to be part of the moment and showed that not afraid of love although their relationships have not been what she expected.

Belinda suffers from heat stroke at the Machaca Fest but does not leave the stage

Another fact that drew attention was that During her presentation at the Machaca Fest, Belinda suffered from heat stroke but refused to leave the stage. Though Belinda She has always given something to talk about for her professionalism, this time she confirmed again that for her her work and her followers are the most important thing.

During his participation in the music festival, Belinda performed several of his most greatest hits including the famous “baile del sapito”, “Ángel”, “Light without gravity” and “Dying slowly” next to Jay de la Cueva.

Yes ok, Belinda had little time to rest before her presentation after the long flight she took from Spain to Mexico, the singer and actress fell in love dressed in a kimono and a swimsuit, as well as purple boots that were a clear nod to “Africa”, his character in the series “Welcome to Eden.”

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