Belinda talks about her state of health after almost fainting on the stage of the Machaca Fest

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Belinda performed last weekend at the Machaca Fest music festival, which took place in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León. His return to the stage was one of the most applauded Well, for months, the singer has lived in Spain, focused on her career and away from the media scandal that caused her break with Christian Nodal.

Although during her presentation last Saturday, the beautiful green-eyed girl received a standing ovation from the public because she started with a lot of energy, there was a tense moment during the show when the singer paused, took some serum and sat on the stage, asking her fans for a few minutes to rest because she felt exhausted.

“I’m feeling a little dizzy and I don’t want to get off the stage, so until I pass out I’m not going to leave, don’t be scared”she said visibly affected.

In her argument, Belinda explained that she felt very tired because she had arrived in Monterrey directly from Spain on a 15-hour flight, so she had not fully recovered from the trip. However, after a few minutes of rest, she continued with the show.

Belinda at the “Machaca Fest”
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After what happened, in an interview with the program “Hoy”, Belinda spoke about her state of health and gave details of what happened at the “Machaca Fest”.

“It is that in Monterrey it is very hot, and when you are not used to so much heat, you come from a different climateapart from the adrenaline, more the stress, the responsibility, the nerves, the flight, everything happened, but well, nothing happened because I’m fine, and those things happen, “he explained.

In the same conversation, he explained that he suffered from a lot of stress and anxiety due to his return to the stage, as it is something he had not done in a long time, since he was focused on the recordings of the series “Welcome to Eden” on Netflix.

Belinda concluded her presentation at the Music Festival
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I had anxiety because it is a responsibility of not getting on stage in a while because I was doing something else entirely, that acting doesn’t have much to do with being on stage, with so many people and singing, my pressure droppedI was nervous, I hadn’t eaten well precisely because I was with that concern and anguish that everything would go well, “he added.

In order not to worry his followers, Belinda assured that she is already better and that what happened last Saturday was a consequence of fatigue. Now he will resume his activities in Spain and in a few months he hopes to return to Mexico.

This was the moment of tension that Belinda lived in the “Machaca Fest”:

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