Belinda unleashes reactions in a new photo: “But what???”

Belinda, who is not so active on the platforms, has dedicated herself to sharing some publications referring only to her projects.

On this occasion, the singer Belinda returned to her Instagram account to share a new postcard with her faithful subscribers, which already number just over 15 million, some of whom did not wait long to react to the snapshot of which she was called “Latin Pop Princess“.

The “naturalized mexican“, who accompanied the photo with several stickers between crowns, glitter, rays and suns, Belinda Peregrín Schüll appears with her hair previously straight and taken in two high buns, half tied, leaving some highlights at the end and a party in the middle.

Emphasizing even more her blue-eyed look, the native of Spain, covered the edges of her face with long locks that she left in front and that showed the makeup style by which “Beli“He has recently opted for a more natural effect, since his return to Spain.

Belinda reappears amid controversies by Christian Nodal. Photo: Capture Instagram

The postcard shared 17 hours ago by the interpreter of “Beautiful betrayal“, and recently, “Mentiras, cabr*n” and “Colorblind” were filled with messages from the faithful “belifans” who went out of their way to praise the one born in Madrid, on August 15, 1989.

“But what???? followed by a little face of hearts, Wow, She is beautiful, The real Q OF WHAT IS THE QUEEN, In those photos she is beautiful, Goddess we love you for being a lady, I love you, with your work you are shining and shutting up, UTOPÍA, Hermosa, Reinaaaa, What precious photos”.

They were some of the comments towards the remembered child actress, who debuted at the age of ten in “Friends forever“(2000), “Adventures in time”(2001) “Accomplices to the rescue”(2002), among others.

The followers of the actress of “welcome to edenThey launched comments “Stop everything waoooo Beliii always surprising”, in the end, the postcard accumulated a total of 476, 412 likes.

The famous 32-year-old is fulfilling a series of commitments in her native country from where she also apparently plans to release a new album.

Seemingly completely focused on her plans, the “ex-fiancée of Christian NodalHe has avoided commenting on any details regarding the “sonorense”, with whom he remained in a relationship for a year and a half until his breakup, on February 12 of this year.

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