Belinda wants to forget Christian Nodal with a new Spanish boyfriend

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Belinda is succeeding in Spain and has established herself as one of the most beloved actresses of the moment, thanks to her participation in “Welcome to Eden”the new Netflix series for which he decided to move to that country for a while.

Due to the fame that is obtaining in Spain, Belinda has been invited to various events and programs in which he has talked about his professional and personal career. Recently she had an appointment with a tarot reader for a Netflix skit.

During his visit, the tarot reader threw the cards at him to later start reading them, in the activity, the cards came out of “Carro”, that of “Los Enamorados” and also that of “La Emperatriz”.

According to the tarot reader, these cards predicted a good future for the singer and actress, while Belinda emphasized that the person who he loved the most in the world was his grandmotherwho passed away in early 2021.

The tarot reader explained: “The ‘Lovers’ card it is also a card that symbolizes decision making in love. That’s where you have to assess.”

He added: “The high priest says what is right what is wrong and the emperor can represent the figure of someone, a man who wants to impose himself. But, honey, the empress also comes out”, to which Belinda replied: “I understood it perfectly, there is nothing more to say”.

Belinda went to a tarot reader.

Belinda wants a Spanish boyfriend

One of the questions that caught the most attention was the one in which Belinda questioned the tarot reader if she would have a Spanish boyfriend in the future: “Am I going to have a Spanish boyfriend?”

However, according to the tarot reader, the answer was a resounding “no” but she emphasized possible casual encounters, to which she replied: “No… but I am super romanticI want make love”.

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