Belinda would go with everything against Christian Nodal for moral damage

The controversial relationship between Belinda Y Christian Nodal keep giving what to talk about. Now for an even more complicated issue, since it is said that Belinda and her family are already reviewing, together with her lawyers, the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the singer for moral damages.

This new scandal occurs after Christian Nodal published a series of private messages with the singer Belindaso, on social networks, it was quickly speculated that by doing this, Nodal could be in legal trouble, since this type of privacy exposure is considered a crime by the Olympia Law.

The Olympia Law is a set of legislative reforms aimed at recognizing cyberviolence and punishing crimes that expose the intimacy of people’s bodies through digital means.

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Belinda would go with everything against Christian Nodal for moral damage. Photo: Facebook.

According to the host of the YouTube show; In Shock, Jorge Carvajal, it is not about applying the Olympia Law, which Cristian Nodal could face, because, as he explained, when a person publishes a private conversation between two or more people and affects them for doing it with intent, then there is talk of moral damage.

More to a person like Belinda who obviously has an image to take care of and that can affect her terribly by saying that she is “toothless”, in a nutshell and that she does not have money, not even to fix her teeth, “said Carvajal.

In addition to this, the damage can be even more exponential due to the public figure that is Cristian Nodal, since his publications reach millions of people. In addition to the fact that this lawsuit between the former couple has become a family problem, not only as a couple, since the parents of both singers and even Cristian Nodal’s grandmother have been involved, the driver commented.

And it is that, apparently, Belinda’s family, specifically Mrs. Belinda, the singer’s mother, has described Christian Nodal as being a “naco”, in defense of her daughter.

It has already gone to the extreme and in the end at this moment the most affected has been Belinda and she can denounce, that is the reality, the most affected has been Belinda, “he said.

In the program, Jorge CarvajaHe exposed some messages allegedly written by the grandmother and mother of Christian Nodal in which they defend the singer by insulting Belinda.

The relationship was already at such a level of exhaustion, tiredness and annoyance and fed up, that it is said that Nodal came to hit Belinda, at some point there were blows, in addition to the screams, in addition to the words humiliating, besides a thousand things, I don’t know if this is true or a lie, but it is true; What terrible things, ”he concluded.

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