Bella Hadid opens up about her current relationship with alcohol on TikTok

    Social networks can teach us everything: from a super cute photo of Pedro Pascal, to little details between the cutest couples in film and music, such as Rosalía and Rauw, who have opened up about their relationship current or Zendaya and Tom Holland, who carry each other’s initials in their day to day. In the same way, others like Bella Hadid has told in his TikTok account one of his biggest problems: alcohol. Her relationship with him is complicated, because, according to herself, it was difficult for her to “control herself.” Now, she has shared her evolution as a sober person and we can only applaud her. Long live nature!

    Already in the month of January 2022, the model and ‘celebrity’ opened up and talked about the relationship she had with alcohol, saying that she had left it because ‘I felt like I couldn’t control myself‘. Thus, she joins the “celebrities” who have spoken about her addiction problems, including Demi Lovato, who also told her toxic relationship with alcohol on several occasions. She even wrote a song, ‘Sober’, in which she recounted it.

    Now, one of the two international supermodels Hadid, in this case Bella, has opened up in the most ‘millennial‘ possible and it was with a video on her TikTok account, in which she appeared with some friends in a casino in the city of Las Vegas. In it, she has added a sentence: ‘5 months no alcohol today‘, which comes to say: ‘Today I haven’t drank alcohol for 5 months‘. After sharing it and receiving thousands of congratulations and applause for her improvement, she has decided to delete it, but not before sharing it on her Instagram stories.

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    And if we look at a detail in the video, we see how she has chosen to show her natural curls, just like Zendaya did. So, she has shared too a photo showing off natural hair on his Instagram account and has left us speechless. NOW!

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    Álvaro Alonso is a current affairs and ‘celebrities’ editor at Cosmopolitan and an expert on celebrities and Y2K culture for several years.

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