Bella Poarch does a perfect cosplay of Makima from Chainsaw Man

A cosplayer could summon Chainsaw Man’s worst demons with this sign.

Bella Poarch does a perfect cosplay of Makima from Chainsaw Man
Aki’s summoning in the Chainsaw Man manga

Chainsaw Man has become one of the most successful series of the last year. Written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, it has broken sales records, with a total of 23 million copies so far in January 2023. So far, it has 13 volumes and its first season (produced by MAPPA) premiered last October 2022.

The story, centered on a fantastic world full of fears personified by Demons, will closely follow Denji, a young man who inherited his father’s Yakuza debts and becomes a Demon Hunter to settle them, but goes through a complicated path after their betrayal. . Having merged with Pochita (the original Chainsaw Man), Denji meets Makimathe Public Safety demon hunter who will change his life.

Makima has her own success in the series

Due to the popularity of this high-ranking hunter, Makima made a space in admiration of his fans. She took Denji as a kind of pet, however, after finishing this first part of the manga, we realize that she is much more than just a hunter. In reality, she is the Demonbending who embodies domination.

To understand the context a bit better, Chainsaw Man’s demon hunters relate to demons in a rather peculiar way. In the first instance, his job is to scare them away from the world, although there are those who are imposing enough to leave anyone who confronts them trembling. Therefore, they have to sign contracts with the demons to obtain “permission” to kill them, especially if it is a sacrifice.

For example, during the first chapters of the first season, Aki makes contracts with the Fox Devil (or, the Devil Curse) who uses the signal “Kon” to summon the demon in question when required during a battle. This is done in exchange for feeding from some part of his body, it could be a tiny piece of his skin. Although it will depend on the task at hand for the demon to be satisfied with a certain part.


Summoning sign made by Aki Hayakawa

But a detail that should not be overlooked is that the Demon Hunters, due to the contract that binds them, must keep their implications secret. Even if it is Kobeni or Makima. But the latter hides behind a calm and harmonious image that is nothing more than cruelty in the background. And fans of the series already got proof of that in regards to her ability to kill from a distance and the fear that her inner demon instilled in anyone who got in her way.

Once the above is understood, in case you have not seen the series, returning to Makima, this time It’s not Aki Hayakawa who tries to call the devil through the so-called “Kon”, but the result of his invocation is quite surprising.

Makima enters the game with this cosplay

As we mentioned at the beginning, although Makima was extremely important to Denji for being a hunter, the manga revealed that her true identity belongs to a demon and this fact did not go unnoticed among fans, so Power recently made an interesting call “Kon” to nothing more and nothing less than Makima.

This cosplayer is Bella Poarch and has shown Makima after his own summoning in a creative TikTok video that you can watch below:



♬ оригинальный звук – NELYRALL

If you’re unfamiliar with cosplay and gaming, Poarch is a video game streamer who used a collaborative cosplay video, where she initially appears as Power and Makima. However, now that she appears solo making the well-known “Kon” sign made with her middle fingers, she does so to transition into an impressive Makima from the real world.

Poarch launched his career on TikTok since 2017 during a lip-syncing of the song “M to the B” that went viral. Since then he has been acquiring more followers on the well-known video platform. Furthermore, in the past he has also done cosplays of Videl from Dragon Ball, Hinata from Naruto and Nezuko from Demon Slayer. So surely in the future we will see another of his amazing cosplay works.

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