Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal reveal which ‘Game of Thrones’ weapon they would use in ‘The Last of Us’

In addition to acting in ‘The Last of Us’, Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal were in the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’. For lovers of crossovers, the actors answered what artifacts they would take from one universe to another.

In cinema and entertainment it is worth repeating. Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal star in The Last of Us, one of the most popular premieres on HBO Max. However, the post-apocalyptic series where humanity lives in fear of the Cordyceps fungus has not been the only production in which both have participated. Both the actress the worst witch Like the Chilean, they were part of the cast of another hit from the streaming platform: game of Thrones. For this reason, the actors answered what they would take from one universe to another.

In a dynamic, the actors answered which artifacts they would bring from the fantastic world created by George R. R. Martin towards the universe of the series craig mazin. “I really liked my robe,” the actor replied. Narcos to then end by saying that he would look really fabulous in the outfit. “I think it would be very good for the apocalypse,” was the reaction of the actress from Judy to say that it would be a great distraction for the infected that debuted in the last episode.

And what would be the weapon that young Bella Ramsey would choose? “I liked my armor in season eight,” said the British actress, referring to the outfit in her first starring role as the fierce Lyanna Mormont.. Although he also said that it would be too heavy, his scene partner joked that the two of them would make a great team in The Last of Us: one would be shaking his robe, while Bella would be protecting him with her metal breastplate.

Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, who play Ellie and Joel, weren’t the only actors to be considered for the role.. In addition to Ramsey, other actresses who were considered to star in the series were Maisie Williams and Kaitlyn Dever, although some fans of the video game are not happy with the final choice. For the role of Joel, and Keanu Reeves, Chris Hemsworth and more actors were on the shortlist to play the veteran.

The chemistry between Bella and Pedro on and off the screen is undeniable, so much so that they have managed to fascinate the public who expect a new episode every Sunday.. The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans live sheltered from zombies that have been infected by a mutation of the Cordyceps fungus (which exists in real life). A story full of action and many emotions that you cannot miss.

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