Bella Ramsey sneaks into The Last of Us 2 thanks to mods and leaves us amazed

The series premiere of The Last of Us It has fans of the original game very excited, who have set the release date of the first episode of the fiction that will arrive on HBO Max. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will be in charge of interpreting Joel and Ellie, respectively, and although at the beginning there was some division about the choice of the cast, both seem to have convinced the specialized critics. The first season of the series will adapt the first game, and although it has not been released yet there is already talk about season 2 and how it will be adapted The Last of Us 2. To open your mouth, a mod has added Bella Ramsey in the sequel making us dream of how this sad story of revenge with rivers of blood involved could be. if you haven’t passed The Last of Us 2avoid the video because there are spoilers:

Bella Ramsey was born to be Ellie in real life, and this mod proves it

Ramsey doesn’t look bad as the new Ellie, of course, but some of the cinematics look a bit strange, maybe because we already have the original character’s face deep in our heads. However, at least That allows us to get an idea of ​​what season 2 of the series could be like.. The most curious thing is that the actress is currently 19 years old, just the age of Ellie in The Last of Us 2, which makes both fit even better. We have already seen the first season of the series The Last of Us in full, and this is what we found:

“The Last of Us” It is an excellent series that perfectly encompasses all the elements that made the video game of the same name so important in its day.. It is a deep and existentialist drama, which addresses like few others the survival of the human being in difficult times, as well as the importance of love or decisions in dark moments. It is not only the best adaptation of a game to the medium, it is also one of the best series in recent years”. So, above all, we are facing a new reference series for this 2023.

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