Bella Thorne admits she’s a jewelry lover

Bella Thorne’s Love of Jewelry Revealed: Dits Inside

Bella Thorne recently expressed her love for jewelry.

Talking to PEOPLE At the launch of her jewelry brand, THORNE, which she launched in 2022, the former Disney star said, “My jewelry is just an extension of who I am. So, I work out in it, sleep in it, and shower in it. “I just never took it off.”

Thorne said she also enjoyed hugging her fiancé Mark Emms, but with her favorite jewelry.

That’s why for THORNE’s holiday collection, Thorne created a design that won’t scratch or eat into the skin.

She explained: “Me and Emms are big cuddle bugs in bed, it was important that her rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces were safe.”

When asked if Emms helped test the products, Thorne responded, “He was involved throughout the entire testing process.”

For the uninitiated, Thorne and Emms reportedly confirmed their engagement in May after nine months of dating.

Earlier this month, the singer also opened up to PEOPLE about their romance, which she said has “intensified” since their engagement during a THORNE preview.

“We kind of get closer every day. It’s really like, “Wow, we really are, you’re my partner.” Let’s do this together,” she continued.

Thorne added: “So every day it becomes more real and every day it strengthens our partnership more and more.”

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