Beluga in the Seine: finally survived but not yet saved, the impressive images

UPDATE 10/08 – 11:40 a.m.: while its vital prognosis was engaged following the rescue, the beluga finally died during its transport towards the seawater basin in the port of Ouistreham. According to initial information, his respiratory activity would have deteriorated sharply over the hours.

Nearly a week after getting lost in the Seine, the sad beluga – which has become one of the symbols of climate change and the disasters to come, has finally been able to be extracted from the water. It was on Tuesday August 9, 2022, around 10 p.m., that its extraction was indeed organized by a team of “more than eighty people“, composed in particular of many divers, firefighters, gendarmes, zoologists and veterinarians, according to the prefecture of Eure.

The impressive beluga whale rescue

An operation judged “particularly complex” at different levels (the cetacean weighs nearly 800 kilos, it remains a wild animal, the unprecedented logistics were not the easiest to set up because of impassable banks for vehicles), which finally ended this Wednesday, August 10, around 4 a.m.

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You can discover it below through impressive images, the rescuers thus had the idea of ​​using a gigantic net, itself towed by a crane, in order to get the animal out of the water and bring it back to the bank. A new technique apprehended by everyone, which caused some fears. “The moment the beluga was pulled out of the water into the net was extremely intense and stressful because he was surprised he moved. It was quite amazing“, confessed Isabelle Dorliat-Pouzet (sub-prefect of Evreux).

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