Ben Affleck, ageless: the fascination of the beard at almost 50 years old


Ben Affleck turns 49 today, August 15. A fire birthday, for Mid-August. Of fire because he is with his new girlfriend: his historic ex Jennifer Lopez.

Protagonist of this summer, along with J.Lo, Ben Affleck shows himself around Europe and the Mediterranean together with his partner and his beard.

That beard that made it one of the most charming men of the world.

Ben Affleck: birthday with Jennifer Lopez (and the unkempt beard)

But Jennifer Lopez likes it both with and without a beard. And some old pictures, dating back to almost 20 years ago they prove it. Like this one you can see below. In 2003, he got the smooth face like that of a child and she looks at him with adoration.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez

Ben and Jennifer Lopez, beautiful and “gelled”. In 2003. Getty photo

A perfect harmony, for him and for her: both show abright hairstyle, fixed with the gel.

But the Ben Affleck of now, looks a lot more like the one starring in Argon, in 2013. Aside from long hair, the actor, born in Berkeley California on August 15, 1972, he let his beard and mustache grow. And J.Lo loves him that way too.


Enough to want to buy one villa ($ 85 million) with him in Los Angeles. Will it be a birthday present for his partner?

Ben Affleck beard long hair

Ben Affleck in Argo, 2013.

A superhero move like Jennifer Lopez is in life. For a super hero. Ben Affleck (probably beardless) will play Batman in the movie The Flash, out November 8, 2022.

Discover in the GALLERY the beauty evolution of the actor. With and without Jennifer Lopez.



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