Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: their incredible new home in California at… 58 million euros!

by Jessica Meurens

A leading couple of the 2000s… who meet again 20 years later! Sounds like the start of a fairy tale, right? However, this is not fiction, but reality: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met last summer, after 17 years of separation. Now engaged, they bought a splendid villa in California.

To the delight of fans of the couple of the 2000s, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are back together. Indeed, the two celebrities have given themselves a new chance. And it seems to be working well, since the lovebirds recently announced that they are engaged!

As a reminder, they started dating in July 2002. They then got engaged quickly, in September 2002, before breaking up in January 2004. In May 2021, 17 years after their separation, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are getting back together . In April of this year, the couple announced they had gotten engaged again.

Looking for a new home

It is therefore quite naturally that the lovers went in search of a new home, in order to take a new step in their relationship. It should also be noted that between them, they are five children. Indeed, Ben Affleck had three with Jennifer Garner: Violet (16 years old), Seraphina (13 years old) and Samuel (10 years old). Jennifer Lopez, meanwhile, has two children: Max and Emma, ​​14-year-old twins.

The couple therefore visited several properties in order to find their new love nest, which they will share with their children. After many visits, the couple found their happiness: a “family” villa, located in the residential district of Bel-Air, in Los Angeles, which would have cost 60 million dollars, or approximately 58 million euros!

In addition, this house has a special history because it is the former home of… Danny DeVito! It is 2,600 square meters, and is composed of seven bedrooms, four kitchens, a cinema room, a beauty salon, an outdoor swimming pool, a wine cellar, etc. On the garage side, it can hold eight vehicles.

The couple have not yet spoken about the house, but the information seems correct. Indeed, moving trucks would have been seen at Jennifer Lopez, while her car would have been seen in front of this villa.

We let you discover in pictures this impressive house

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