Ben Affleck and JLO: the star’s first husband gives his opinion on this new marriage

Annoyed to see everything and anything written on her account, Ojani Noa, first husband of Jennifer Lopez, gave a long interview to the Daily Mail. Referring to his own experience, the Bennifer couple could “not last” according to him, even though Ben Affleck has a big advantage since he was dubbed by the star’s mother.

Not optimistic about the couple’s longevity. Married to Jennifer Lopez between 1997 and 1998, Ojani Noa gave his feelings about the future of the couple Ben Affleck and JLo. While the two actors finally celebrated their nuptials in Las Vegas on July 16, 20 years after their first romance, the duo may not end their life together, according to JLo’s first husband.

Not resentful, Ojani Noa explained to the Daily Mail: “I wish him and Ben the best, but I am not convinced that it will last”. Because according to him, JLo had also made him a promise of eternity when they said “yes”, 25 years ago, before noting: “It was three husbands and five engagements ago”. And to continue: “Jen loves being in love, she has been engaged six times. Ben is husband number four. I was husband number one and she told me I was the love of her life.

A feeling she feels today for Ben Affleck, in whom she sees “the person with whom (she) will spend the rest of (her) days”, as she confided to her fans in mid-July last announcing his wedding.

Ben Affleck’s advantage

In addition to the feelings that the interpreter of “Jenny from the block” feels, Ben Affleck leaves with another advantage, according to the first husband of the star, since he has the mother of JLo – Guadalupe Rodriguez – in the pocket. Referencing comments from Guadalupe that the singer’s mother always thought Ben Affleck was “the right person” for her daughter, Ojani Noa said, “If Ben has Lupe with him, then maybe to be that he has a chance”, and to conclude fair play: “I hope that Jen has finally found the love she was looking for”.

For the record, Jennifer Lopez was also married to choreographer Cris Judd, in 2001, as well as singer Marc Anthony, married in 2004, with whom she remained seven years and had two children.

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