Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Lopez go to McDonald’s again

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19:56 16 November 2023, updated 20:15 16 November 2023

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez once again showed their loyalty to McDonald’s when they enjoyed some fast food on Thursday.

The pair were spotted heading to the Golden Arches in Ben’s sleek Rivian, where the Argo actor picked up fruit smoothies and a bag of goodies.

Ben, 51, was left feeling sore as he pulled out of the parking lot with his new order.

As always, the Good Will Hunting star looked dapper in a smart jacket paired with a gray button down, tan slacks, and colorful Nikes.

His 54-year-old wife was seen sitting on the passenger seat of his car, sipping a water bottle with her glamorous sunglasses on.

They are loving it! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez once again demonstrated their loyalty to McDonald’s as they gave in to the fast food craving once again on Thursday.

Last month Bennifer was spotted going to McDonald’s three days a week, but earlier this month Affleck was spotted at Jack-in-the-Box.

Things are definitely going well for Ben as in recent weeks he has been seen hooking up with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner thanks to his current wife J-Lo.

In September a source told that the ‘drama from the past’ and the ‘feelings’ surrounding their divorce ‘have been going on for a long time.’

The insider shared, ‘One of the things that got (Garner) and (Affleck) to a better place was — and is — JLo.’ ‘Ben is healthy. The drama of the past and the feelings of the divorce are long gone and they are all working out.

She added that Lopez and Garner are “friendly” with each other and that all of their children “love each other.”

“It’s actually a very happy co-parenting situation,” the source explained. ‘Everything is really good right now and should remain the same in the near and distant future.’

The update comes after Closer Weekly claimed Lopez felt ‘blindsided’ and ‘jealous’ after seeing friendly-looking photos of the former couple last month.

However, a source told that this couldn’t be further from the truth and that the Dazed & Confused star and the hitmaker, who tied the knot last July, are “very much in love with each other” a year later Are’ marriage.

start your engines! His wife was seen sitting on the passenger seat of his car, sipping a water bottle with her glamorous sunglasses
Man of Style: As always, the Good Will Hunting star looked dapper in a smart jacket with a gray button down, tan slacks and colorful Nikes.

‘Their relationship is still hot. They are really happy with each other, and there is no drama in their relationship at the moment,’ he revealed.

She added, ‘They want to get back to work and are waiting for the strike to end, but they are also enjoying the more time they are spending with each other.’

‘(Affleck) is writing, JLo is writing music, so they still have outlets to create while they enjoy time with each other.’

The source added that Lopez also turns to Affleck for advice on how to co-parent with her ex, Marc Anthony, with whom she shares 15-year-old twins Maximilian ‘Max’ David Muniz and Emme Maribel Muniz.

Bennifer: Affleck tied the knot with Lopez last year, decades after their first engagement; painted 2021
The way they were: Affleck photographed with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner in 2014

‘JLo and Ben have had several conversations about how she treats (Anthony), and they’ve all been able to figure it out. “It’s really inspiring and good to see,” he said.

She said that while Affleck is looking forward to getting back to work after the writers and actors strike ends, the couple have “enjoyed” spending extra time together over the past few months.

Ben and Garner have been spotted together several times in recent weeks, looking friendly and in good spirits.

Affleck and Garner started dating while working on films like Pearl Harbor and Daredevil, in which he starred. Garner was previously married to Scott Foley and their marriage lasted from 2000 to 2004.


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