Ben Affleck couldn’t stand his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez in Paris because of… the paparazzi

If you felt Ben Affleck tense on the images of his honeymoon in Paris with Jennifer Lopez, it’s normal. The actor apparently did not appreciate his time in the capital at all and the reason is simple: too many paparazzi. In any case, this is revealed by Page Six, which quotes a source close to the couple of superstars. Impossible for lovers to enjoy their stay in Paris without being assailed by photographers. And the actor quickly saturated.

“Ben was a bit panicked in Paris. It was a whole other level (of paparazzi). A level almost like for Princess Diana. Ben is used to the spotlight. But he felt the honeymoon was a tsunami. Jen is made of steel and knows it’s part of her life, but he still pisses her off,” the unnamed source said.

On their heels

It must be said that the photographers did not actually let go of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez during their visit to France. The actor was caught sleeping on a Bateau-Mouche, crying at his wife’s birthday party at La Girafe restaurant, kissing the actress in all circumstances, and more generally observed wherever they go (and whatever they wear).

If this statement is important, it is also and above all because it was media pressure that forced the couple to cancel their very first marriage in 2003, before they separated.

“Due to the excessive media attention surrounding our wedding, we have decided to reschedule the date,” they explained at the time. Could the paparazzi ruin their romance again?

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