Ben Affleck has been caught hugging his ex-wife Jennifer Garner in the car. And what happened to JLo?

  • Till now Jennifer Lopez has not reacted to the pictures of Ben Affleck and his former partner.

They were married for more than a year Jennifer Lopez and actor ben affleckThis was kind of captured very loving With his ex-wife, jennifer garner, in Los Angeles. A fact that caused a lot of controversy on social networks.

Recently, the site page six Have shared some pictures in which the ex-husband is seen sharing A hug inside Affleck’s car, You can also see how the interpreter batman He Leaned on Garner’s shoulder Before she got out of the vehicle.

It should be noted that Celebrities weren’t aloneSince their youngest daughter, Seraphina, was in a seat, everything indicated that the three were on an emotional family trip.

Although Jennifer Lopez has not yet commented on the images, There is no shortage of comments on social networks, Some Internet users claim that the call bronx diva He would not welcome a family reunion. While others say that the former couples can have a beautiful friendship.

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“They’re just friends. There’s always affection and admiration”, “Now JLo is going to release a song called ‘The Ring Throws You'”, “They’re friends”, “She’s always been his safe place”, ” “Where there was fire, there remain ashes” “, “Don’t exaggerate, they have a good relationship,” some Internet users reported.

those days, Both the actors clarified that, despite facing problems in their marriage, they have a cordial relationship.Mainly because of their three identical children.

“In the end we tried and we tried because we had kids. We both felt that this was not the model of marriage we wanted to show to our children.” the actor said.

At the time, Ben Affleck made it clear that he still loved Jennifer Garner. /tvnotes file

What happened between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck married in 2005When the actor broke his engagement with Jennifer Lopez.

During the first years, the celebrities were very happy and had three children. However, everything began to change and They announced their separation in 2015, but it wasn’t until 2018 that they legally divorced.

According to Affleck, he felt “trapped” in his marriage with Garner: “That’s one of the reasons why I started drinking, because I was trapped. I thought ‘I can’t leave my children, but I’m not happy, what should I do?’ And “I drank a bottle of whiskey and fell asleep on the couch, which was no solution,” he said.

Despite everything, Garner and Affleck remain great friends. even the site page six revealed that the actress was invited to her ex-partner’s wedding with JLo, but she could not attend due to her busy schedule.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were married for 13 years. /tvnotes file

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