Ben Affleck, Leah Remini remembers the first scene with the star: “I was petrified”


Leah Remini and Ben Affleck appeared together in the 1995 film, Last Appeal, alongside Brendan Fraser, Alyssa Milano and Sam Rockwell, here is the memory of the actress.

Leah Remini recalled the first meeting with Ben Affleck on the set of Last Appeal, a 1995 film, confessing that she stayed petrified in front of the actor.

A few weeks ago, Leah Remini shared a clip of Last Call in which she shares the scene with Ben Affleck and Brendan Fraser. In the cast of the film also Alyssa Milano, French Stewart and, in minor roles, Matthew McConaughey and Sam Rockwell.

Looking back on meeting Ben Affleck on set, Leah Remini jokingly confessed to People that she didn’t remember “anything”:


“I was petrified. I was just petrified. I remember Brendan Fraser being so lovely to me. And then the guy at the end of that clip where our face is out the window, yelling at Ben Affleck. He made me laugh so much. times”

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The actor mentioned by Leah Remini is Jay Lacopo, who played a bus driver in the film: “I wasn’t even able to laugh. I was petrified. I was horrified at myself because I kept ruining the shoot because that guy in the clip was so funny. He kept doing different things, and so he kept making me laugh.”.


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