Ben Affleck surprises speaking Spanish and they compare him with JLo: “he does it much better”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They are one of the most famous and successful couples in show business, and have formed a beautiful modern family with their five children.

The couple live their love to the fullest and both succeed in the world of cinema, and she in music as well, and she is always proud of her Latin roots.

JLo has songs in Spanish and sometimes speaks in Spanish, but many criticize her because they consider that “he doesn’t speak it very well”

HoweverBen Affleck, has shown that he speaks the language perfectly, despite not being Latino, and they have compared them.

Ben Affleck is praised for speaking Spanish and is compared to Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck is promoting the movie air which he stars in and also directs and surprised everyone by speaking in Spanish.

“I speak Spanish like a 5-year-old, you have to forgive me”, began by saying Ben Affleck, but contrary to what I thought he did very well.

“It was very easy because I have a spectacular team, all the factors were the best in the world, it was the easiest film of my life as a director because I didn’t have to say anything”, said about the film in Spanish.

Given this, The famous man received thousands of compliments and they compared him to Jennifer López, assuring that he does it much better.

“He speaks better than his wife 😂”, “Very good for him, he is understood quite a bit regardless of his accent”, “Good Spanish since Jlo only speaks it when it suits her”, “Your Spanish is better than your wife’s there you can see the quality of the human being that you are”, and “incredible its coherence and pronunciation”, were some of the reactions in networks.

It is not the first time that Ben speaks Spanish and according to network users, he is comfortable and happy doing it, unlike Jennifer López, who they say only does it a few times and does not handle it as well as her husband.

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