Ben Affleck: what clothes to wear to look yourself with style and masculine beauty

What do we mean by this? Unstructured bags of fresh and comfortable clothes that give you character and style, but don’t make you look like the guy who wore his office clothes on Saturday. ben affleck You also know that a blazer is a perfect choice for a casual yet elegant look. Choose cotton blazers in neutral colors like pearl grey, brown or pastel tones. Make sure they’re slightly fitted to your figure, but comfortable so you can wear them with chinos or jeans on a Sunday outing.

classic shoes for autumn

Incredible and simple.

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It is a key element in the style of ben affleck, The actor usually chooses shoes typical of this season throughout the year such as chukka-style boots, hiking boots and more casual options in ocher color with rubber soles. Which are perfect to give your outfits an elegant and stunning look. cold, Following in their footsteps, choose neutral colors like brown and camel, which are versatile and match different styles of clothing.

Bonus: Discreet Accessories

Don’t forget: the right accessories can make a difference to your look. Choose classic and discreet watches, quality belts and beautiful sunglasses. Avoid overly flashy accessories and choose items that match your style without stealing the spotlight.

Remember that Ben Affleck’s style is characterized by elegance, simplicity and attention to details. He is a perfect mix between a young man and what we can call today dad-core, but always good. It’s not just about the clothes you choose, but also how you pair them and the confidence with which you wear them.


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