Beneficial or not? The figures that would leave a possible departure of Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong returns to the headlines due to rumors of a possible departure. FC Barcelona has put the “non-transferable” sign on him and Xavi Hernández has him one hundred percent, but Manchester United has begun to press for his transfer ahead of this year’s summer transfer market, as an express request of Erik ten Hag, who will take the reins of the bench of the English team from the month of July.

The still coach of Ajax He coincided with the Barça midfielder in the Dutch team and, in fact, he was the coach who exploited his best version as a footballer. Now, Ten Hag sees him as an ideal alternative to his core for the 2022-2023 season and Manchester United will be willing to throw the house out the window in the summer.

And it is that, according to the information they handle from England, United will have 250 million euros available to spend in the summer and Frenkie de Jong starts as one of the great goals of the ‘red devils’ team. From the newspaper ‘SPORT’ they understand that Barça has no intention of selling him, but with the numbers that would be handled they see an interesting operation.

The fact is that, if he left this summer, it would be for the same figures for which the Blaugrana team bought him in 2019 from Ajax. At that time, the Catalans paid 75 million fixed euros plus 11 ‘kilos’ in variables. ‘SPORT’ points out that, if he left the Camp Nou for that amount, De Jong’s departure would leave 40 million in capital gains.

Barça renewed him in 2020 until 2026, with a formula to defer the amortization of his transfer. Since then, the blaugrana have amortized 18 ‘kilos’ that, added to the 30 of the first years, is a total of 48. Only 27 million would be missing to be amortized, so it would have to be a figure higher than that so that the operation is not computed as a loss.

Xavi wants De Jong

The fact is that it is unlikely that, despite Manchester United’s interest, Barça will let him out. Xavi Hernández has made it clear that Frenkie de Jong is an untouchable player for him and he values ​​him very much for the future: “He understands the game, what we explain to him. He is very professional, very self-demanding. He is very critical of himself. He is humble and that makes him better. Now he understands what we want from him. He knows when to make the superiority in the line of three. Fix and divide well. He is one of the best players in this.”

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