Benefits of meditation in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages that a woman can experience. And the arrival of the baby is a reason for happiness and joy for parents and relatives. However, the nine months of gestation are a time when the mother (who is the one who carries the child in her womb) has to deal with many uncertainties, discomfort and worries, especially if you are a new mother.

So much so, that many mothers suffer from depression during pregnancy or even after it. And all this is usually accompanied by the great stress caused by the situation and the anxiety for sometimes wanting to meet the baby or in others for fear of not knowing how to act when it is born or how to care for it during the first months.

To solve the stress and depression generated, many mothers resort to the practice of ‘mindfulness’ in their day to day to improve their mental health and also help facilitate pregnancy and subsequent motherhood.

However, What does this practice really consist of and what benefits does it have for the health of the pregnant woman?

Mindfulness is a practice that It consists of “accepting the present” without trying to change or judge anything. There are different techniques that can help achieve this, such as yoga, conscious breathing or meditation. And precisely about the latter we will talk below, because although we do not believe it, it brings more benefits than we can imagine to pregnancy.

Generates a state of deep rest. When meditating, the body and mind are unified, even having the same feeling of rest and peace as if they were sleeping. During pregnancy it is very common to feel mentally and physically tired, so this practice is what the body needs to disconnect.

– Connect with the body. If pregnancy is characterized by something, it is for being a stage in which unique moments are enjoyed such as the baby’s first kicks or listening to the first heartbeat and feeling how it is growing little by little inside the woman.

Mindfulness is a practice that consists of “accepting the present” without trying to change or judge anything

– Help take care of us. During pregnancy, the body asks us for what it needs: eat, sleep, drink, stretch, go to the bathroom… And with meditation it is easier to recognize when it is necessary to stop and connect with our body.

– Helps us get away from stress. Will I do it right? Will I know how to change diapers? Bathe the child? These are some of the questions that future mothers constantly ask themselves and that often end up generating situations of stress and anxiety. With meditation you can escape from worries, looking for a solution.

– Serves as preparation for childbirth. Childbirth is scary, very scary. To overcome it, many mothers sign up for ‘childbirth preparation classes’ and many others practice meditation. With this practice you can control your breathing, which is essential for the moment of birth and also helps us overcome fears and cultivate self-confidence.

There are three basic postures for all pregnant women:

Lying face up on the ground with your back well supported on a mat.

Sitting on a chair feet on the ground and knees below hips.

Standing feet hip-width apart and arms free.

Because you are the most important…

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