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Turkish child star Beren Gökyıldız, now quite a teenager, returns to the screens with “Yeşil Vadinin Kızı”, the adaptation of the Canadian series “Anne with an E”, broadcast internationally on Netflix. Do you know what has been the path of talented actress whose voice has been dubbed in several languages?

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The little girl has managed to conquer the hearts of half the world thanks to her talent, tenderness and charisma on the small screen. She is considered one of the most popular child faces in Turkey and her fame has spread to Spain and several Latin American countries, where she has millions of fans.

Since he was 5 years old, Beren has shown a talent for acting, which has earned him several awards. Here we tell you about her time in acting and what is coming with the new production of Yesil Yapim, which began recording in November 2021.

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Actress Beren Gökyıldız rose to international fame for her first leading role in “Mother” (“Anne”), where she plays Melek, an abandoned girl who is adopted by her teacher, a character played by the popular Cansu Dere.

She then achieved great international fame by playing little Öykü in the Turkish soap opera “My daughter” (“Kizim”, in its original language) that tells the story of Demir, a man who is not responsible for taking care of his daughter Öykü, who is abandoned by her mother, despite being sick.


After his resounding successes, in 2020, Beren had a failed series, “Childhood”, which was withdrawn from the screen after two months and 11 chapters. The story about four orphaned girls did not get off to a very good start and Fox Turkiye chose to cancel it due to low ratings. In that year, she also participated in the famous series “Mucize Doktor”, but since then she has been concentrating on her studies and was waiting for a project worth accepting.

New challenge

The minor has worked in seven series and has won several awards. Now 12 years old, she will star in the adaptation for Turkey of “The Girl of the Green Valley”, the children’s story “Ana, la de las tiles verde”, which is based on the Canadian series “Anne with an E”, broadcast internationally on Netflix. Quite a challenge for the great actress.

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Beren Gökyıldız takes on a new challenge in his career (Photo: Yeşil Vadinin Kızı)
Beren Gökyıldız takes on a new challenge in his career (Photo: Yeşil Vadinin Kızı)


“Yesil Vadinin Kizi” starring Beren Gökyıldız is based on the Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery’s book tells the story of two lonely middle-aged siblings in the late 19th century, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, who decide to adopt an orphaned boy to help them on their old farm in Green Gables, at outside the Canadian city of Avonlea (on Prince Edward Island), but they are surprised when they discover that the chosen one is a little 13-year-old girl, Anne Shirley, who is alert, talkative, imaginative and very bright.

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The adaptation of the Canadian series “Anne with an E” for Turkey will be titled “Yesil Vadinin Kizi”, apparently it will have 120 episodes of 45 minutes each. It is directed by Murat Senöy and Çagil Nurhak Aydogdu and produced by Yesil Yapim.

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Beren Goykildiz was born on September 29, 2009 in Istanbul and is an only child. She began to demonstrate her artistic talents at the age of 5 when she began appearing in commercials, surprising everyone with her acting ability, uncharacteristic of someone her age. It would not take long to start her acting career in television series.

Beren Goykildiz’s parents are a mechanical engineer and a human resources graduate, so she never had artistic influences in her family. However, they noticed that the little girl used to imitate everyone around her from a very young age, which is why they started taking her to auditions.

Another of his passions is horse riding and football. But he also loves music. In fact, she participated in the Turkish edition of the talent competition “The Voice”, where she was part of a Christmas special.

Who are the actors and characters of “Yeşil Vadinin Kızı”?

  • Beren Gokyildiz as Anne
  • Asli Altkulac Sacar as Anne’s Aunt
  • Ece Gürer as Yeşim’s Professor
  • Deniz İrem Morkoc as Kübra
  • Say Uca
  • Berfin Alarcin as Büşra
  • Berk Yıldırım
  • Beril Ozcan
  • Sezin Bozaci as Mahinur

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