Bermuda shorts are the new mom jeans and that’s how they are worn

It has always seemed to me that The Bermudas they are the most complicated spring-summer style garment. There’s something a little childish about the wardrobe staple: exposing my bony knees makes me feel like I’m dressed up as England’s Prince George. That’s not a particularly chic sentiment. That said, when it’s stiflingly hot outside, the very thought of wearing pants makes me sweat, so I’ve looked to street style stars and celebrities for inspiration to wear them. The season’s on-trend silhouette is decidedly more mature: the elegant shortspleated, almost like a grandfather’s.

If you are not sure what exactly is a grandfather shortsimagine what cute seniors can wear in a retirement community in Florida. your shorts they are usually high-waisted and finished off with stiff pleats in the front, perhaps punctuated with a belt, a Hawaiian shirt, and snacks in the pocket. Street style stars and celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski have appropriated this look, proving that pleated shorts can look extremely modern and polished. And better yet, there are a variety of luxury styles on the market right now, all of which play on refreshing hues and light fabrics.

Ratajkowski, for example, recently wore her cream-colored pair with a more form-fitting criss-cross top. At Haute Couture shows, fashion editor Julia Comil tucked her yellow jacket into knee-length white shorts. I love how hairstylist Graziano Di Cintio even combined his white shorts in a suit and tie at the shows for the Spring 2022 collections. On the catwalks this season, brands like Jacquemus, The Row and Fendi have offered their own take on the style.

Julia Comil

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