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If you have a pet at home, you surely suffer from the problem of hair on your clothes and hair scattered everywhere on a daily basis. Cleaning becomes an impossible task, so in these cases, nothing is better than taking help from someone robot vacuum cleaner and mop Which takes care of everything, as is the case with this ILIFE model.

robot vacuum cleaner and mop

A robot vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair.  (Photo: Amazon)

A robot vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair. (Photo: Amazon)

This economical robot vacuum cleaner has a vacuum system with an independent tank and a mop mode that is responsible for wetting the cloth so that, with its movement, it can also clean the floor.

In addition, the Smart Mop has a small tank in which water with soapy cleaner is added so that it leaves a nice smell and disinfects as well.

It is important to highlight that this equipment does not replace the traditional manual and vigorous mopping, but if you program it daily it will take care of keeping all your floors looking great.

looking for pet hair

This smart device has special sensors to deal with dirt.  (Photo: Amazon)

This smart device has special sensors to deal with dirt. (Photo: Amazon)

Furthermore, this ILIFE V5s Pro has a powerful suction power, which Allows for the capture of all types of particlesAnd especially pet hair which causes a lot of headache while cleaning at home.

The included sensors detect objects to avoid collisions, and are also able to identify a step or ladder, so a fall won’t happen either. with 100 minutes autonomyThe robot will be able to move around the house and return to base to recharge the batteries when required.

A compact and easy-to-use robot

It fits perfectly in any corner.  (Photo: Amazon)

It fits perfectly in any corner. (Photo: Amazon)

This model is not the most advanced on the market, but it perfectly fulfills its function, which is nothing more than keeping the floor clean on a daily and fully automatic basis. Its selling price is really attractive, so this is a great opportunity to get all its services.

Its compact dimensions and 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and mop configuration will likely make things a lot easier for you if you don’t have much free space.

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