Best coffee capsules of 2022: the brands to buy

Altroconsumo has drawn up the ranking of the best capsule coffee brands of 2022 by aroma and price. What they are and how to choose them.

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Generally, there are two factions: those who drink coffee from the mocha and those who prefer coffee from the machine. This second option is certainly faster and similar to a breakfast at the bar. Let’s see what the best brands of coffee capsules of 2022 for aroma and price.

Best coffee capsules of 2022: the brands to buy

Other consumption, a well-known Italian magazine, wrote the ranking of the best coffee capsules of 2022 by analyzing about 24 brands on the market. To do this, the test took into account various factors such as: completeness of the information on the label, origin of the coffee, blend used, date and place of production.

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Furthermore, the experts based themselves on the intensity of the coffee aroma and on the storage times of the finished product. Of course, all brands have been subjected to one final taste test, in which taste has played its fundamental part. In principle, all capsules have been classified according to:

  • percentage of the aqueous extract;
  • TCA (trichloroanisole, gives a “cork” flavor, evident above all in wine);
  • humidity;
  • ashes;
  • ochratoxin A (used for the preservation of coffee)
  • acrylamide (substance that forms in foods cooked at high temperatures, such as roasted beans).

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The ranking of the awarded brands according to Altroconsumo

All 24 top brands sampled by Altronconsumo did not receive bad or negative scores, although theenvironmental impact of coffee pods is well known to the public.

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Not only are they lined with non-recyclable materials like aluminum, but could be harmful in direct contact with organic residues. However, many manufacturing companies have chosen to use del compostable material for a safer and more ecological realization. The best brand of coffee in capsules, according to Altroconsumo, is the Cellini Melodic Intensity 9, with a cost of 3.29 euros per pack. Of excellent quality are:

  1. Cellini Melodico Intensity 9;
  2. Illy Toasted classic;
  3. Lavazza Passionate.

Good quality:

  1. Vergnano Espresso Arabica;
  2. Espresso Casa Segafredo;
  3. Nespresso Master Origin India;
  4. Kimbo Espresso Naples;
  5. Lavazza Red Quality.

Medium quality:

  1. Karisma (MD) Intense Nespresso;
  2. Borbone Respresso Black blend;
  3. Bialetti Caffè D’Italia Naples;
  4. Gimoka pure intense espresso aroma compatible with Nespresso.

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