Best looks from Heidi Klum to Hailey Bieber

twelfth edition of last night baby2baby gala, The event in which, like every year, glamor and elegance once again lived up to the main objective of the event: Raise money for needy children.

Many celebrities, businessmen and philanthropists attended this prestigious event to show their support towards the organization. In this situation, we like famous faces. Heidi Klum, Sofia Richie or Hailey BieberThey, along with many others, dressed in their best and posed in front of the ‘photocall’ cameras to participate in the special auction that followed.

This year, the traditional event included presentations from the best chefs in Los Angeles, an auction and an inspirational program honoring those who have worked hard throughout the year to help the most affected families and children in the country. Equally famous names were also included among those honored Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, Amy Adams or Kim Kardashian, Although this version Salma Hayek She has been one of the main characters for his extensive and acclaimed work.

The privileged guest list extends a little further. In this we were able to confirm the presence of Demi Lovato, Olivia Wilde, Cole Sprouse or Lucy Hale, Important celebrities, who paraded on the blue carpet of the event wearing impressive designs signed by some of the most prestigious brands such as Chanel, Saint Laurent or Balenciaga.

Most of all, what stood out was its beauty and sophistication black party dresses, Designs that ranged from the most explosive transparencies most attractive opening, We were able to see several proposals in red – the color of autumn 2023 – in more classic and minimalist pieces, as well as more vibrant designs starring sequins and rhinestones.

The Baby2Baby Gala once again successfully exceeded its objective, but it was also once again a display of glamour. Thank you The best look of the guests Who were able to participate in this program. We review the best offers.


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