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A Minecraft hosting server meets the gaming requirements of users to help them exercise their creativity and imagination without worrying about storage, connection, and security. Here’s what you should look for on your Minecraft hosting server.

RAM Allocation

Minecraft consumes a lot of memory on your computer, so you need to allocate more RAM. Each Minecraft hosting server has plans based on the allocation of RAM requirements. You may want to increase the memory depending on the mods you want to add to the game, as well as the number of player slots you want to create. According to Hostinger, 4 GB of RAM is enough to host 10 players.

In addition to RAM allocation, look for other technical specifications including SSD storage, bandwidth, FTP access, and automatic backup for a seamless Minecraft block building experience.

Modpack Support

Minecraft mods is a downloadable tool for players to add new blocks or alter character functions, change environment colors, and much more. That said, there are many mods for Minecraft available online to choose from, and make sure the server supports them all.

Get a domain name if necessary

Optional. When you purchase a Minecraft hosting plan, you are assigned a numerical IP address to access the server. Instead, you can register a domain name for an additional cost, which is easy to remember and useful for you and your friends to log into the server. However, the Minecraft hosting servers we have selected come with free subdomains.

DDoS protection

While you end up thinking of a strategy to prevent creepers from destroying your Minecraft world, it is equally important to ensure that cybercriminals are also chased away. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) is a popular cyber attack in online games that causes the server to become unresponsive. DDoS protection also prevents bot attacks and allows only real players to connect to your server.

Therefore, it is important that Minecraft hosting servers (like the ones mentioned above) have DDoS protection as a security measure to protect user and server data.

Dedicated IP address

In today’s world of online gaming, a dedicated IP address has gained popularity due to the increase in cybercriminal activities. Parents who want to control who their children interact with online may consider getting a dedicated IP address as another form of parental control. Therefore, a dedicated IP address is an additional layer of security, which is a static or fixed IP address provided to subscribers, which is not shared by others.

You may also want to consider purchasing a VPN to protect your online gaming activities.

* conversion correct as of November 16, 2023

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