Best of Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj has revealed a cover of her new album ‘Pink Friday 2’ these days. It is what you see. We take this opportunity to review the single with which the long-awaited album ‘Last Time I Saw You’ is presented.

“I had been broken up with Nicki Minaj for a while. I used to listen to things like ‘Super Freaky Girl’ or Aqua’s banging remix of ‘Barbie World’ that they did with Ice Spice, and I can’t remember how successful they were. But I have to admit that ‘Last Time I Saw You’ inspired me to listen to the new album the rapper is producing, ‘Pink Friday 2’ which he calls “the best album we’ve heard in years”. declares as ,

It’s not the first time that Nicki has lowered her BPM with good results (there are songs like ‘Pills N Potions’ or ‘Fly’ with Rihanna), but this might be the time she sounds her most vulnerable in a subject. . It is speculated that it is about the passing of his father, and the things he wished he had done differently with him while it was still possible.

The producers credited here (Hendrix Smoke, ATL Jacobs, Bach, Frankie Bash and ToDop) are people the ‘Anaconda’ singer has never worked with before, so it seems unlikely she’ll be lending her vocals to this track. was determined to surprise Reminds me of Karol G’s ‘Your Glasses’ or Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Video Games’ while keeping distance. There’s even a subtle difference in her claws when Nicki raps: the anger in her voice is more sadistic than aggressive… and she repeats the ending “Maybe I pushed you away because I felt that you’re bored”. Best Nicki Minaj in a long time.” Paul N. bacon


« The song introducing Nicki Minaj’s new album is guided by a beautiful electric guitar riff. Her regret over “the last time she saw anybody” is also expressed in a memorable, melodic chorus. In a word, it’s beautiful. The second verse, in which we change tone to participate in a “spoken word” type of text, and where Minaj’s voice is more recognizable, is 10. And suddenly… the song ends. It seems that the 6 song writers had difficulty assigning the last minute and a half of ‘Last Time I Saw You’, leaving it incomplete. Either that or they have created a perfect metaphor for how in the final moments of our lives, humans can only drift away. I’m going to dress up as the hilarious ‘Super Freaky Girl’ to cheer myself up a bit.” Sebas E. Alonso,

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