Best Paid Jobs That Don’t Require Bachelor’s Degrees NY

A recent study of Harvard Business Review and Emsi Burning Glass, a leader in labor market data, revealed that a growing number of companies in the United States are choosing to drop the requirement of a bachelor’s degree when seeking employees for some mid-skill or even high-skill positions.

Many companies have been focusing on hiring people with diverse skills to increase the talent pool, according to the report, which analyzed more than 51 million jobs posted between 2017 and 2020.

The government has also reconsidered its approach when in January 2021, the White House announced limits on educational requirements when hiring people for technology positions, since it “excludes capable candidates and undermines the efficiency of the labor market”, establishes the executive order. .

Although many positions require a higher level of education, there are others that do not require college degrees to have a successful career.

Stacker, a journalism website lists the highest paying jobs that do not require a college degree in the city of New York. The list includes professions that require a high school diploma, some college education (no degree), a post-secondary award with no degrees, or no formal education requirements for entry-level positions. The jobs were ranked by their median annual salary in 2020.

The report covers jobs in the metropolitan area of New York, which also includes Newark and Jersey City. Here the complete list:

Jobs from lowest to highest salary

50. Wardrobe Attendants: $78,390

49. Railroad Car Repairers: $78,660

48. Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians: $78,740

47. Finishers (construction area, prepare drywall to be covered with paint and wallpaper): $79,550

46. ​​Valve and Control Installers and Repairers: $80,950

45. Food service managers: $81,330

44. Telecommunications line installers and repairers: $81,590

43. Track and signal switch repairs: $81,670

42. Machinists: $81,770

41. Fabric and Garment Pattern Makers: $82,710

40. Petroleum Pumping System Operators, Refinery Operators, and Meters: $83,660

39. Sales representatives, wholesalers and manufacturers: $83,980

38. Electricians: $84,190

37. Postmasters and Postmasters: $84,280

36. Claims adjusters, examiners and investigators: $84,380

35. Iron and steel structure workers: $84,880

34. Firefighters: $85,040

33. Captains, officers and pilots of boats: $85,940

32. Front-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairmen: $86,060

31. Elevator and escalator installers and repairers: $87,300

30. Service Sales Representatives: $87,700

29. Electrical and Electronic Repairers, Power Station, Substation, and Relay (Electromagnetic Device): $87,820

28. Terrazzo Application and Finish Workers: $89,220

27. Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators: $90,880

26. Court Reporters and Simultaneous Captioners: $91,560

25. Gas Plant Operators: $92,160

24. Advertising Sales Agents: $92,370

23. Insurance sales agents: $92,650

22. Power Line Installers and Repairers: $94,950

21. Power Plant Operators: $94,960

20. Naval Engineers: $95,380

19. Operating engineers and other construction equipment operators: $96,440

18. Hosting Managers: $97,680

17. Real Estate Sales Agents: $98,580

16. Construction Trades Frontline Supervisors and Extraction Workers: $99,410

15. Boilermaker operator: $103,050

14. Criminal Detectives and Investigators: $104,230

13. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers: $105,370

12. Stamping machine, pile driver and press operators: $106,160

11. Insulation workers, mechanics: $106,690

10. Energy distributors and dispatchers: $107,600

9. Correctional Officers Frontline Supervisors: $113,070

8. Property managers, real estate and community associations: $113,800

7. First line supervisors of non-retail sales workers: $115,000

6. Makeup artists, theater and performance: $121,600

5. Front-line supervisor of firefighting and prevention workers: $128,210

4. Transportation, storage and distribution managers: $131,860

3. Police and detective frontline supervisors: $133,880

2. Realtors: $134,770

1. Athletes and sports competitors: $197,690

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