Best styling tools: flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons

If what interests you is a new dryerParker insists on the model just released by Pattern Beauty: “The dryer is lightweight and has built-in heat protection, which means it gives you the desired result without damaging your hair,” he explains, adding that the four included attachments are a added advantage to achieve a personalized hairstyle.

Dyson Supersonic. Courtesy.

The Pattern Blow Dryer. Courtesy.

Detangling combs and brushes

maybe you hair care routine start before taking out hot tools, either because you need to detangle it before shampooing or because you want to make sure you apply the conditioner well. Dimitris Giannetos, who counts Amal Clooney, Megan Fox and Camila Cabello among his clients, often uses the detangling brush by Mason Pearson, designed to adapt to the contours of the scalp and effortlessly style hair thanks to its pure nylon bristles.

Those who have the curly hairInstead, they covet the Denman brush, long loved by users and Tardo, as it’s ideal for detangling curls and loops. Tardo recommends it not only to easily detangle curls and coils, but also “to ensure maximum product absorption and curl definition.”

Mason Pearson brush. Courtesy.

Denman brush. Courtesy.

round brushes

All of our experts say that round brushes are essential, especially when it comes to bulking up during blow-drying. You can even have different types of brushes for a versatile hairstyle.

Buenaventura always opts for the Olivia Garden brush, which keeps hair shiny and frizz-free thanks to its tourmaline ion ceramic coating: ‘It’s my favorite round brush for almost all blow-drying. The extra-long handle is ideal for drying wider sections, which shortens the time considerably,’ she explains. For fragile or fine hair, Targo recommends the Ibiza B Series brushes, as they ‘provide maximum curl hold and add shine without damaging the most fragile hair’.

Round brush from Ibiza Hair Professional. Courtesy.

Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Speed ​​XL Brush. Courtesy.

hair straighteners

As to the platesexperts say that these should glide through the hair easily to prevent it from folding and, at the same time, this helps to preserve the well-being of the hair.

Tardo describes the T3 Smooth ID as ‘a smart iron that can be customized to the exact needs of your hair texture and length’, and Priano is also a fan of this model, noting how smooth and shiny the ceramic iron leaves hair. On the other hand, the titanium plates They are known to heat up faster and require fewer strokes to get a good look. If this resonates with you, the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium is an excellent option to achieve a smooth and silky hair.

T3 Smooth ID 1” iron. Courtesy.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium iron. Courtesy.

straightening brush

If you are thinking of getting a elegant chignon, you should have a suitable straightening brush. Known for their soft bristles, boar bristle brushes (Like the ones from Raincry) fight frizz, add shine and massage the scalp without damaging the hair. If you want a harder brush, we recommend the Oribe Flat Brush, made with boar bristles and nylon on a rubber pad to style the hair and manage it to your liking.

Raincry brush. Courtesy.

Oribe brush. Courtesy.

Daily use brushes

Surely you want a brush that you can refer to throughout the day to make sure there are no knots or to refresh your look. The Yves Durif Classic brush is perfect for maintaining your style morning and night. Nor can you miss an edge brush to comb and place the hairs in their place. The Baby Tress styler features a comb, boar bristle brush and a pointed end to comb through fine hair with ease.

Comb by Yves Durif. Courtesy.

Baby Tress 3 in 1. Courtesy.

Combs for daily use

Maybe a comb is better and faster. Crown Affair’s handcrafted model can handle it all with its widely spaced teeth, rounded tips and comfortable grip. If not, a rattail comb works wonders for precise styling, parting down the middle, or even creating a perfect run. You won’t go wrong with the Ghd fine tooth model.

Crown Affair The Comb No. 002. Courtesy.

GHD comb. Courtesy.

Hair Accessories

Beyond tools, combs and brushes, hair accessories simplify, maintain or improve your hairstyle. According to Tardo, this starts with the shampoo: “Shower filters prevent excess iron and minerals from ‘hard’ water from drying out hair and skin,” explains the expert, while recommending the Julie model shower, shaped artichoke.

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