Best team for the Ultra League in Pokémon GO

The Ultra League is the mid-tier format of Pokémon GO Battle League, where legendary Pokémon and powerful classics start to become more usable, so these are some of the best teams you can use to help you win.

Participating in the Pokémon GO Battle League is a great way to put your best Pokémon to good use and earn great rewards. If you are looking for something more challenging than the Grand League but not as illegal as the Master League, then look towards the Ultra League.

With a 2500 CP cap and a good mix of standard Pokémon and viable legendaries, you’ll get the thrill of a difficult battle without having to invest too many resources. However, to win, you’ll need to know the best teams and highest-ranking Pokémon to enter.

Best team for the Ultra League in Pokémon GO

The Ultra League logo in Pokémon Go Battle League

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One of the best teams you can use in Pokémon GO is Registeel, Cresselia and Swampert. In addition to being three of the best performing Pokémon in this meta, they will be able to offer cover against most of the opponents you will face.

Another great team to use in the Ultra League would be Cobalion, Giratina (altered) and Tapu Fini. Like the previous team, these three Pokémon have many key wins between them and good coverage range.

While these are two of the best teams you can use in Pokémon GO’s Ultra League, there are plenty of other possibilities, so it’s definitely worth experimenting with different teams and seeing what works for you.

One of the most important things to remember when building a team is to make sure you have a wide range of coverage options. For example, Registeel might be a champion in the Ultra League, but he will always be vulnerable to Fire-type attacks. In this case, having a strong Water type on your team to switch into would be great to help balance things out.

Aside from this, you’ll want to get your Pokémon as close to the 2500 CP limit as possible and teach it its optimal moves, which are generally moves that take advantage of the Same Type Attack Buff (STAB). All of these things are essential to ensure your team reaches its full potential.

The best Pokémon to use in the Ultra League

Here are some of the best Pokémon you can use based on PvPoke rankings, as well as our own experience using them in Pokémon GO Battle League:


Registeel appears in the Pokémon Go Ultra League

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Registeel has long been considered a champion in the Pokémon GO Ultra League, and that remains the same to this day. This Steel-type Legendary Titan has an excellent moveset and a lot of bulk, making it ideal for this format.

In terms of attacks, you’ll want Coupling like a quick movement, combined with Focus Blast and Zap Cannon as loaded movements. This moveset will allow you to perform charged moves at a fast pace and deal massive damage.


Swampert in the Pokémon Go Ultra League

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Swampert is another long-time Ultra League favorite, with a brilliant moveset and only one weakness (Grass-type attacks) to watch out for. He’s also pretty easy to get compared to legendaries, which are often only available once or twice a year.

mud shot is Swampert’s optimal fast move for rapid power generation, while the combination of Hydro cannon and earthquake will allow you to target different opponents. Even better, this entire moveset has STAB damage, meaning you’ll be taking down your opponents in no time.


Cresselia in the Pokémon Go Ultra League

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Cresselia may not be of much use in the Grand League or Master League, but she finds a place in the Ultra League where she can reign over popular opponents like Giratina, Swampert, Cobalion, and Walrein, three of which are included in this best list . !

Go with psycho cut as a quick move for quick power generation, then complete it with Grass knot and moonburst as loaded movements. Neither of these have STAB, but they are both excellent attacks that give Cresselia the cover she needs to rise to the top ranks.

If you can’t get the Grass Knot legacy attack, Future Sight is a good alternative for Cresselia.


Cobalion in Pokémon Go Battle League

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Since gaining access to the excellent Double Kick attack in Pokémon GO, Cobalion has risen through the Ultra League rankings. With only three weaknesses and key wins against the likes of Galarian Stunfisk, Walrein, and Obstagoon, he is a brilliant pick for any team.

Combining double kick like a quick movement Holy sword as a charged move is a great fighting-type moveset, so it’s definitely worth using an Elite Charged TM if you don’t have access to it. Finally, add stone border for additional coverage.

Giratina (altered form)

Altered form of Giratina that appears in the Ultra League

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The fearsome Giratina is a powerful Pokémon in any of its forms, but Giratina’s altered form is generally considered the superior version in the Ultra League. This is largely due to his higher Defense stat, allowing him to stick around longer and defeat even more enemies.

When it comes to move sets, fast movement Shadow Claw It is your best option for energy generation. This will give you faster access to the Dragon-type Giratina’s optimal charged moves. Dragon claw and the ghost guy shadow sneak.

Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini appears in Pokémon GO

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Tapu Fini, the Water/Fairy-type guardian of the Alola region, may not be the most popular Pokémon in the Ultra League, but don’t let that discourage you: this legendary creature has good bulk and an excellent type, which It serves a similar purpose to that of Azumarill in the Great League.

To get the most out of Tapu Fini, you’ll need the right move set: Water gun like a quick movement, with Moon surf and explosion as loaded movements. All of these moves have STAB and can take down big threats like Charizard, Swampert, Cobalion, and even Giratina.

Pokémon GO Ultra League rules and restrictions

The main rule of the Ultra League in Pokémon GO is that Only Pokémon under 2500 CP are eligible to participate..

Aside from this key restriction, it’s a fairly fair game, so feel free to use Legendaries or Mythicals and boost your Pokémon with XL Candy if necessary; just get them as close to that CP limit as possible.

When does the Ultra League run in Pokémon GO?

The Ultra League will appear in Pokémon GO Battle League starting Friday, September 29, 2023 until Friday, October 13, 2023. If you missed it, don’t worry, as it comes back into play every few weeks.

Now that you know how to build the best team for the Ultra League, check out our Pokémon GO event calendar and Spotlight Hour schedule to stay up to date with everything happening in the game.

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