Beth will sing “Dime” again twenty years later at the Barcelona Eurovision Party

Eurovision travels to Spain. Barcelona will hold a 100% Eurovision themed party this weekend with 14 of the 37 candidates who will choose to win the crystal microphone this year in Liverpool (United Kingdom). After the success of the last edition, many of the representatives who will take the stage of the famous European contest will promote their respective candidacies in Barcelona beforehand. The great concert will take place this Saturday from 8:00 p.m. at the Sant Jordi Club and will be presented by the drag queen Sharonne and the dancer Giuseppe diBella.

The Spanish flag bearer Blanca Paloma, winner of the last Benidorm Fest with the song eaeawill host a show in which Gustaph (Belgium), Joker Out (Slovenia), Wild Youth (Ireland), Teya & Salena (Austria), Iru Khechanovi (Georgia), Pasha Parfeni (Moldova), Tvorchi ( Ukraine), Monika Linkyté (Lithuania), Sudden Lights (Latvia), Piqued Jacks (San Marino), Diljá (Iceland), Mimicat (Portugal) and Mae Muller (UK).

The other great attraction of the night will be the return to the Eurovision circuit of Beth, representative of Spain in 2003. The Catalan artist, a contestant in the second edition of OT, participated in the festival with the song Tell meone of the most successful songs in the history of RTVE in the contest.

In Riga (Latvia), Beth finished in a creditable eighth place. Despite the good classification and good commercial performance of the song, Beth decided to leave this song out of her repertoire, which she had never liked and which she reluctantly sang at Eurovision. Now, twenty years after that experience, the interpreter has decided to reconcile with her Eurovision stage and she will sing her great hit again.

On the same stage, throughout the night, she will also be accompanied by other well-known faces such as Rosa López (2002) or Eva Santamaría (1993), as well as renowned figures on the Eurovisual circuit such as Ruslana (winner of the festival in 2004). , Destiny (winner of Junior Eurovision and representative of Malta in 2021), Poli Genova (fourth ranked in 2016), Suzy (Portugal, 2014) or Susanne Georgi (Andorra, 2009).

The aim of the organizers is that the event, for which all tickets have already been sold out, is the closest thing to Eurovision. For this, there will be a “green room” for the artists and screens next to a large stage. In addition, it can be followed live on the Betevé television channel.

Day plans and a “queen party” on Friday

But there will not only be a party on Saturday night. As a preview, on Friday the 24th a party for queens will be held in the Sala Apolo (euro queens night) with candidates from this year’s Benidorm Fest such as Famous, Siderland, José Otero, Megara or E’Femme; the representative of Spain in 2016, Barei; and famous former representatives such as Ronela (Albania, 2022), WRS (Romania, 2022) or Efendi (Azerbaijan, 2021).

In addition, throughout the weekend, day plans such as musicals, talks, conferences, presentations and even tours of the city have been programmed so that Eurofans can enjoy the city of Barcelona during their stay.

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