Better than Martinoli, that’s how Orvañanos narrated Chivas’ second goal against Juárez FC

Raúl Orvañanos / Chivas Goal
Raúl Orvañanos / Chivas Goal

Veljko Paunovic’s team achieved a very valuable victory against Hernán Cristante’s Braves. Víctor Guzmán and Carlos Cisneros led the chiverío attack to score the team’s 2 goals, while Tomás Molina discounted for Juarez FC. The rojiblanco team is momentarily placed fifth in the general table.

Inside the Verde Valle locker room, much has been said about the leadership of ‘Pocho’ Guzmán, who put an end to that old habit of alternating the captaincy within the team. Therefore, the player closed the game with some statements that made it clear why he is the leader of the team, since he considers that the pressure on Chivas it doesn’t do you any harm.

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As for words, Juárez vs Chivas also left us one of the comments in the chronicle of Raul Orvananos that echoed within the fans, since within his narration he managed to provoke laughter when talking about Carlos Cisneros’s goal. The rojiblanco attacker scored a goal in an unorthodox way, to which the chronicler commented that “He’s enough to put the tip in” (Click here to see the funny narration)

Orvañanos does it again

The veteran Mexican chronicler has been a trend in some of the games that he narrates due to his occurrences or errors in the transmission. Now, in the case of the Rebaño match, it was no exception, since his spontaneity in narrating the chiverío’s second goal brightened the night for more than one spectator who saw the match

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