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Rai 4 proposes today the film entitled The sleepless man. It is a dramatic genre film with thriller atmospheres.

Production is between United States of America, United States, Spain And France. The year of realization is 2004 and the duration is one hour and 42 minutes.

The sleepless man film actors

The man without sleep film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

The direction is by Brad Anderson. Main protagonists are Trevor Reznik And Stevie interpreted respectively by Christian Bale And Jennifer Jason Leigh. Also in the cast Aitana Sánchez-Gijón in the role of Marie.

Filming took place in Spain, in particular a Barcelona. The production is of the Filmax Group in collaboration with Castelao Producciones And Canal + España.

The original title is The Machinist.

The sleepless man film where it is shot

The man without sleep – plot of the film broadcast on Rai 4

Trevor Reznik tries to get rid of a dead body wrapped in a carpet, but is spotted by someone, who shines a light in his face.


Trevor, a worker, has not been able to sleep for a year due to a shock; his body, exhausted by the lack of rest and energy, has a corpse-like appearance and his mind begins to play tricks on him: in fact, he sees almost everywhere a certain man named Ivan that begins to haunt him.

During a day of work in the factory, due to a distraction due to a vision, Trevor causes an accident to a colleague, cutting off part of his left arm. The consequences of the accident are soon ready: he is frowned upon by his colleagues and is fired for his persecution delusions. He not only loses his job, but is also dumped by his girlfriend, now a former prostitute, accused of plotting against him. By now, the reality for Trevor it is more and more distorted: it sees Ivan everywhere, he believes that everyone wants to hurt him, he sees people or things that never existed.

Completely out of his mind, Trevor he goes back to his house and sees Ivan enter his apartment. Once inside, a quarrel erupts between the two, ending with Trevor that cuts the throat ad Ivan. We are thus at the opening scene: we understand that the corpse he wants to get rid of Trevor it is none other than Ivan. But, unexpectedly, behind the dazzling light of the flashlight hitting Trevor, hides Ivan same. At this point, everything is clarified. The reason for the shock it brought is explained Trevor to be the sleepless man: while he was driving his car, at 1.30 in the day, to light a cigarette, he does not see the red of the traffic light and runs over a child, killing him.

Final spoiler

To the question “Who are you?“, Written on a post-it note, there is a very precise answer:”killerWhich will be the same Trevor to complete, in the hangman game. To torment him, therefore, are the feelings of guilt, not only for having committed a murder, but also for having fled and not having helped. He decides to leave the city and sets off, only to realize that in the car with him, sitting in the back seat, there is Ivan, watching him slyly.

The film ends with Trevor in the police station he wishes to report “the pirate of the road”And, while waiting, he is taken to his cell, where, finally, he can fall asleep.

The man without sleep final movie

The sleepless man – the full cast

Below is the cast of the film The sleepless man and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Christian Bale: Trevor Reznik
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: Stevie
  • Aitana Sánchez-Gijón: Marie
  • John Sharian: Ivan
  • Michael Ironside: Miller
  • Lawrence Gilliard Jr.: Jackson
  • Reg E. Cathey: Jones
  • Anna Massey: Mrs. Shrike


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