Between one weight and another he lightened his gym mates: body builder arrested

Between one burden and another, he lightened his companions gym: body builder reported for at least 12 thefts where he would steal approx 1500 euros. It is a young man from Ancona, pinched by policemen who, after the intensification of the thefts in the locker rooms, pretended to go to the gym to catch him in the act.

The young man, a frequent visitor to the world of “bodybuilding” by Ancona starting from December, he was responsible for 12 thefts of money, taking away a total of almost 1500 euros, stolen from the personal effects of other members of the same gym. The modus operandi was always the same: as soon as he arrived at the gym, the young man reached the changing rooms where he got ready for the long workout which generally lasted 3 or 4 hours. Before leaving the locker room to head to the weight room, or during training breaks, the bodybuilder would raid money from the pockets of his trousers, jackets and vests hanging on hangers in the common areas, after which he would finish training undisturbed and leave the gym. with stolen money.

From December to today, the figures removed in individual theft episodes have fluctuated between 50 and 400 euros, until yesterday’s theft, the fatal one, when the policemen of the Doric Mobile Squad, after having “trained” with him, caught him in the act of the 12th theft of 75 euros, left for him in the pocket of a policeman’s jacket. He was reported for continued aggravated theft.

Last updated: Tuesday 12 April 2022, 14:37


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