Beverly Hills Cop – A cop in Beverly Hills: that’s why Sylvester Stallone left the film


That’s why Sylvester Stallone decided to drop the lead role of Beverly Hills Cop – A cop in Beverly Hills in pre-production.

TO Sylvester Stallone did not like the original script of Beverly Hills Cop – A cop in Beverly Hills due to his few action scenes and the actor, who in 1977 had received a nomination for Best Original Screenplay for Rocky, then decided to rewrite many sequences of the film himself. The changes, on the other hand, were not appreciated by the producers because according to them they risked raising production costs.

Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy Wuuwhtn

Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop

Stallone did not give up, neither did the producers and in the end the actor decided to abandon the project while remaining on good terms with the studio; for this very reason many of the scenes written by Sylvester were later reused for his film Cobra.


As a result, the producers found themselves without a lead just six weeks into filming. They then decided to meet Eddie Murphy, who was the star of Saturday Night Live at the time. The studio cast him in the role of Axel Foley, hiring him for the part two weeks into filming.

The critical consensus of Rotten Tomatoes states: “Beverly Hills Cop – A Cop in Beverly Hills starring Eddie Murphy is a fast, furious and funny movie“. According to Christopher Hitchens, British novelist and poet Kingsley Amis considered the film.”an impeccable masterpiece“.


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