Beyonce and Sphere are in talks for a $10 million show

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Beyoncé Can fill the arena with a custom-made show.


Reports out of New York indicate that “Halo” producers are in talks with Sphere Entertainment CEO Jim Dolan about the possibility of creating such a show. Citing unnamed sources, the New York Post reports that Beyoncé’s team is in talks with Dolan’s company to create a $10 million production.

According to the newspaper, U2 has asked for this figure from Sphere Entertainment for its series on Sphere. According to reports, Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles, who works as her manager; And Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z has visited the venue separately.

Area representatives had no comment Wednesday evening. Calls and emails to Beyoncé’s publicist were not returned.

Leading candidates to follow U2 at the Sphere are jam band Phish, who are said to be considering an April debut, and pop-rock superstar Harry Styles, who visited the Sphere this month and Seems like he’s trying to include a broader commitment in his agenda. It is expected to open in late summer or early autumn, but plans have not been confirmed.

Another rock artist may seriously be invited for a residency, but details have yet to be verified.

Beyoncé completed her sold-out “Renaissance World Tour” in October. In August they filled Allegiant Stadium. Her film “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” will be released on December 1.

The superstar does not have any concerts scheduled for 2024. But he is also expected to take some time off from live performing before embarking on an ambitious project such as a new show at Sphere.

The post also claims that Dolan is “considering” headliners such as Jon Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga. They have all visited the area to see U2. No one has expressed formal interest in the campus.

Gaga’s relationship with Dolby Live continues and she is expected to continue her “Jazz + Piano” show there in 2004.

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