Beyoncé back soon with her “Renaissance” tour scheduled for 2023!

After the release of her album “Renaissance”, Beyoncé may be going on a tour with the sounds of her new album.

And more good news for Beyoncé fans. Queen B may be going on a tour in 2023 inspired by her Renaissance album. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Beyoncé is definitely back

Unless you live on the planet Mars, you might know that Beyoncé has released a new album. After years of absence, Queen B released Renaissance. Upon its release on July 29the album went to the top of the charts.

The 41-year-old star’s 7th album has greatly pleased his fans. They are even ranked first in many countries such as France, Australia or the USA. Critics are unanimous, Beyoncé has released one of her best albums of 2022.

The number of sales proves itRebirth is a real success. Indeed, beyond having ranked at the top of the Billboard 100. Beyoncé has sold over 10,000 sales of her album from the first week in France.

Beyoncé has never done better with the release of a new album. The only time the latter topped the charts was with the release of her song Single Ladies. Released in 2008, Queen B made the whole planet dance with this hit.

The scandals surrounding this album, have therefore not marred the success of the latter. In fact, the output of Renaissanceshook up the music world and not just in a good way. singer Kelis accused Beyoncé of plagiarism.

She was very angry against the Queenbut despite the scandals, Beyoncé still made one of her best starts with Renaissance.

To thank his fans, Beyoncé may be touring in 2023. This news has something to delight more than one. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A tour in 2023?

Yes, this is the news that is driving social networks at the moment. Beyoncé is reportedly making preparations for a new tour. According to some sources, the star has already started booking stadiums for his upcoming tour.

Beyoncé hasn’t toured since 2018. Remember, it was with On The Run Tour in collaboration with her husband Jayz that Beyoncé had toured the planet. Queen B therefore wishes to put the cover back.

According to some sources, this tour will be focused on the sounds of his new album Renaissance. Fans will therefore be able to hear some of the songs that made the album so successful. Plastic off the Sofa, Cuff Itor the single Break My Soulall the sounds of Queen B will be in the spotlight.

But, don’t be in too much of a hurry to get tickets for this future tour. In effect, Beyoncé and her team haven’t confirmed anything yet.

The star seems to be taking her time with the promo from this album. Indeed, she has not even released the clips of the latter yet. Beyoncé has accustomed her fans to the release of an album accompanied by visuals.

His penultimate album Lemonade had amazing visuals. However, with Renaissance, the star seems to be taking her time. She only has released the teaser for his single I’m That Girl.

Beyoncé fans should therefore be ready, Beyoncé may be on tour soon. Yes, it’s not just Cardi B who deserves a gift. With Queen B, it’s Christmas every day.

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