Beyonce claps right, Fred said on sample song – Hollywood Life

Beyonce claps right, Fred said on sample song – Hollywood Life

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Beyonce just proved she’s not the one to bother with when it comes to her brand. The superstar singer has hit back at Right Said Fred after the band claimed she sampled their 1992 mega hit ‘I’m Too Sexy’ for their new song ‘Alien Superstar’ without permission. Calling the group’s claims “erroneous and incredibly disparaging” in a statement to E ! On Friday, October 7, Beyonce insisted that Right Said editor Fred sign the release.

Beyonce claps right, Fred said on sample song – Hollywood Life
Beyonce clapped back after Right Said Fred claimed she used their song without their permission. (Shutterstock)

“Permission was not only granted for its use, but they publicly expressed their gratitude for being on the album,” Beyoncé continued in the statement. “For their song, there was no use of sound recording, only composition was used. Permission was requested from their publisher on May 11, 2022 and the publisher approved the use on June 15, 2022. They were paid for the use in August 2022.”

The Oscar-winning actor also pointed out that the two band members – the brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass – receive “co-writer credit” for “Alien Superstar,” which is one of the incredible tracks from his jaw-dropping album Renaissance.

The epic clap back, a rare move for Beyonce, comes days after Right Said Fred trolled the ‘Break My Soul’ hitmaker while saying she basically stole their song. “Normally the artist approaches us, but Beyoncé didn’t because she’s such an arrogant person,” Fred and Richard said. The sun the 3rd of October. “She probably thought, ‘Come get me,’ so we heard about it after the fact when you did.”

Right Said Fred added that other artists like Duck and Taylor Swift approached them to sample “I’m Too Sexy” and it turned out great. They went on to say that they felt like they had no dog in the fight against Beyonce and would just get on with their lives. “We can’t stop it. We can not do anything. This is crap,” they told the outlet. “You’re going to start a conversation with someone who has a lot more presence, power and money than us. And it won’t go well. It is better to let it go. If you’re not careful, you spend your life looking back. We keep looking forward all the time.

While Beyonce is busy defending her name, the star also has some good news to toast. She is apparently gearing up for a world tour based on the new album! Page 6 reports that an official announcement can “be expected in the coming weeks” with a kickoff for the Renaissance tour in early 2023. This will be her first solo tour since she wowed crowds on her Training tour in support of his album, Lemonade, in 2016.

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