Beyoncé fan commits suicide after listening to ‘Lemonade’

the single Pray You Catch Meincluded within lemonadethe sixth self-titled album by the singer Beyonce, was a true revelation in its publication in 2016. Some melodies in which she prostrated her entire intimate life -before Shakira or Miley Cyrus brought up the dirty laundry of their exes-, where the artist publicly pointed to Jay Z like an inveterate infidel. A way to heal wounds that spread a dark buzz around the record, which has now inspired the story of Swarmthe new Prime Video series.

According to a series of rumors that spread like wildfire, the same year the album came out, the American Marissa Jackson, 31, was found dead in her Houston apartment. an alleged suicide that occurred after learning of the infidelity of the rapper and music producer to Beyoncé.

This staunch fan of the singer could not handle the pressure of seeing the couple, who later reconciled, in one of their lowest moments. In fact, Jackson would have put their second child named Jayoncé and held a party for the birth of Blue Ivy, the eldest daughter of artists. The level of fanaticism reached the highest quotas.

Before taking her own life, the young woman would have shared a video on Facebook where she was dejected to discover that the apparent perfect couple was not so perfect. A parallelism with Swarmwhere we also find the character of Marissa, who commits suicide after learning about the personal problems of his beloved singer Ni’Jah, which add to his own personal conflicts.

Some more than obvious similarities when we also discover other details, such as Ni’Jah’s twin pregnancy, the same as that of Beyoncé, or the similarity between the fandom of the fictional artist and that of the singer of crazy in love, the first known as The Swarm (The swarm) and the second as The BeyHive (The hive). In both cases, the horde of fans does not hesitate to resort to the most extreme strategies to defend their favorite artists.

Albert DeSalvo in 1967 and Keira Knightley in 'The Boston Strangler'

At this point, we must also point out the addiction to social networks of the creepy and murderous Dre (Dominique Fishbackwho participated in the video clip of the song smile by Jay Z -a funny (or not) coincidence-), protagonist who does not hesitate to end the life of anyone who stands in the way of Ni’Jah’s happiness, while always remembering the figure of her friend Marissa. And it is that Social networks (especially Twitter) are a true breeding ground for the most obsessed followers.

Also, it is worth remembering the toxicity on the part of Beyoncé’s followers, who analyzed the lyrics of the songs sentence by sentence of the North American artist and kept the fragment of lemonade in which he quoted ‘Becky with the good hair’causing the search for what they considered to be Jay Z’s lover to begin.

The The most insane speculations pointed to personalities such as the singer Rita Ora or the fashion designer Rachel Roy, receiving numerous hate messages on social networks and forcing both to deny the situation. “I respect love, marriages, families and strength. What should not be tolerated by anyone, regardless of the circumstances, is bullying, of whatever type it is,” Roy pointed out through his social networks, justifying himself before the craziest theories of a certain part of The BeyHive.

Billie Eilish’s sect

On her trip to the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee, Andrea falls into the clutches of a sect commanded by Evaperformed by the singer billie eilish, in her debut as an actress. A cult reminiscent of several from Hollywood, but focused especially on the NXIVM, in which Allison Mack, the actress of Smallville, sentenced to three years in prison.

The co-creators and co-producers of the series Janine Nabers and Donald Glover confirmed for The Hollywood Reporter this nexus. “There is this cult that existed all over the world and was predominant for a time. And that’s the kind of true crime episode five. I think that when people think of artists or celebrities, there is the idea of ​​thinking of cults of Taylor Swiftthe beatles and many others, but we were also interested in seeing someone who worships and explores that cult of the mind.”

Nabers points out that Eva is directly inspired by the figure of Keith Raniere, the leader of NXIVM, who was sentenced to 120 years in prison and the payment of more than 1,750,000 dollars. An apparent founder of a network marketing organization who was using his company as an excuse to a criminal plot of sex trafficking.

Does Andrea Greene really exist?

The sixth episode plays with a mockumentary in which detective Loretta Greene (Heather Simms) discovers the whole truth behind the suicide of Marissa Jackson and the murders of her friend Andrea Greene. A presentation that makes us reflect on the possibility of a true reference to this woman, but which, in this case, is not the case.

Andrea Greene does not exist as such, although she is inspired by a host of real casessome as bizarre as the one in Daniel Green, 40 years old, who murdered his mother, his sister and her two children, aged 16 and 7, due to his obsession with the singer. A fact that adds to the obsession of some individuals with singers and actors and that has led them to the level of committing murders of artists, the most notorious case being the death of John Lennonwho lost his life at the hands of mark david chapman.

But, in a perfect round circle, which demonstrates Glover’s mastery as a creator of audiovisual products close to the present, he manages to make us feel sorry for the protagonist. This despite the fact that, once again, and as often happens, reality is not so far from the terrible fiction.

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