Beyoncé is the biggest follower of this young brand

Beyoncé fans, it’s party time! The superstar’s seventh album was revealed to the world a few days ago, accompanied by its myriad references to the great times of disco and house (and its share of super-scorching lyrics). And you can be sure of one thing: it will punctuate dance floors around the world during this hot summer.

But the most attentive ears have already spotted other references, lost between the samples of Robin S. and rowdy electro beats. The last track of the album, Summer Renaissance, presents itself as a hymn to the glory of fashion: she quotes some of her favorite brands like Versace, Prada, Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga. “So much elegance and debauchery, it’s all haute couture that I’m showing off”, she sings with delicious arrogance on the intoxicating synths of the classic disco of Donna Summer I Feel Love.

Longtime fan of the Telfar brand

Beyonce remaining Beyonceshe makes it a point of honor never to be overtaken by trends, and takes the opportunity to wink at the black label she adores, Telfar. “The bag Telfar on the arm, and all the others Birkins in the closet”, she adds on the same piece. It’s not the first time that Queen B proclaim his love for Telfar : she was spotted wearing one of her pristine white “Bushwick Birkins” on a shopping spree in New York last year, paired with signature floral wide-leg pants Christopher John Rogers, Of course. But by writing in black and white her love for the brand, she proclaims herself as the most devoted fan of Telfar. As she says herself at the end of the song: “I’m in my bag” [Je suis prête à en découdre].

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