Beyoncé opens the luxury hotel Atlantis The Royal in Dubai

Everything shone this weekend at the presentation of the expected luxury hotel Atlantis The Royal, from the golden toothbrushes to Beyoncé’s mesmerizing performance. More than a thousand celebrities and special guests from around the world descended on Dubai for the grand exclusive unveiling of the city’s new ultra-luxury resort. Those who weren’t physically present couldn’t escape rooftop parties and mind-blowing concerts on Instagram and TikTok during the three-day event, which was packed with luxury experiences including bites prepared by Michelin-starred chefs. The main event was Beyoncé’s first live performance since 2018, and a fireworks display set to electronic house music group Swedish House Mafia.

Here are the best moments and observations of the weekend bathed in champagne.

The ultimate icon of the Dubai skyline

Atlantis The Royal is situated on the crescent of the Palm Jumeirah, the famous man-made island in the shape of a palm tree, overlooking the island’s fronds and the turquoise Arabian Sea. The architecture (designed by New York studio Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates) is impressive: it’s massive, yet delicate in a way, curving toward the sea, with blocks of suites stacked between sky-blue windows, lending a certain airiness to the room. the structure. It’s a very different aesthetic than its neighbor Atlantis The Palm. While The Palm is pink and regal, The Royal is more neutral and modern. Inside, gold and marble abound., but compared to what you’d expect from a Dubai luxury resort, it’s glamorously understated. Everything Shines: The staff works meticulously to remove all fingerprints and smudges, leaving all surfaces spotless. Rooms are also neutral and spacious, with plush white beds, dark-wood sliding doors, and gold accents. They all have a balcony, with floor-to-ceiling windows with island views and to the Dubai skyline in the distance, or directly to the sea. And if you are looking for something really opulent? You can stay in the 35,000-square-foot Royal Mansion (where Queen Bey herself stayed) for the small fortune of $100,000 a night.

The sculpture droplets it is the center of the main hall and weighs more than 5 tons.

Cedric Riberio / Getty / Atlantis Dubai.

A world-class audience

The expectation for the event seized the entire city (and the Internet), as a viral post that circulated this weekend said: “There are two types of people in the world. The people who are in Dubai right now. And we”. On the way from Dubai airport to the Royal, my driver asked me: “Are you famous?” I laughed and replied: “Yes, Beyoncé is my opening act.” The joke did not go well and I quickly backed down. I found the question very funny, but it’s something I heard repeated over and over again throughout the weekend. For example, on her way to Kendall Jenner’s party, a woman asked a man across from her in the elevator, “Are you someone I know? Yes, I’m in Selling OC,” he replies. I knew it, I’m on Real Housewives of Dubai.” These kinds of interactions are common among this VIP crowd. Sitting poolside, I watch people look at each other between photo shoots, trying to place who they might be and calculating why they could be important enough to be on this guest list. In addition to a plethora of famous personalities, the guest list included artists, designers, TikTok creators, and wellness influencers, all spreading content to their followers throughout the weekend. Other prominent celebrities included Chloex Halle Bailey, Letitia Wright, Ashley Park, Gauri Khan, Liam Payne, Ellen Pompeo, the aforementioned Kendall Jenner and of course Beyoncé along with her husband Jay-Z and her entire family. .

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