Beyoncé released teaser for ‘I’m That Girl’ music video

Beyoncé didn’t do as much promotion for her latest album, Renaissanceas we’re used to seeing from Queen Bey, but a lot of fans think she just hinted at an influx of new content.

On Friday, Beyoncé released a teaser for “I’M THIS GIRL”, the opening track of Renaissance, which features the singer in a glittering nightclub. It’s the first visual she’s teased of the new project, which completely contrasts the rollout of Lemonadewhere each track had its own music video upon release.

When it comes to Yoncé, you can’t take things at face value, which keeps the Bey Hive on her toes, constantly looking for clues in everything she posts. Plus, she’s such a well-rounded artist that fans know how much she loves her visuals, leading us all to believe Bey has something up her sleeve.

At the 38-second mark of the “I’M THIS GIRL” teaser, there’s a split-second montage that features Beyoncé sporting a ton of new looks. Because of this brief preview, many fans believe that an entire visual album is on the way. While these outfits could *technically* all come from the same video, it seems too much for just one video, which means the “I’M THIS GIRL” teaser teases a lot more.

This clip from the legendary performer also comes as fans speculate on what ‘Act II’ might be. Beyoncé originally billed Renaissance as the first act of a three-part project – And while some have speculated that “Act II” could be an all-new album, others have speculated that “Act II” could be the visuals of the original album, while the third act will be a possible tour.

As for the elusive Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, only time will tell. But, regardless, we can say that she has SOMETHING up her sleeve.

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